Chan Phoun, The Art of Life

Chan Phoun is a Khmer artist and co-founder of Open Studio Kampot, a collective of young emerging artists. When our team at Wapatoa got to learn about his life journey, we all felt beautifully moved, impressed and inspired.

After a tragic work accident costing him to lose his forearm, Chan Phoun used art as one of the ways to heal and recover. He later joined Epic Arts School and actively contributed to develop the growing community of Kampot’s new generation of artists.

Chan Phoun is having his first solo exhibition and it will be held in the newly restored and historic Hotel Old Cinema in Kampot. The artworks for this show are highly-detailed drawings and paintings depicting his personal hardships and transformation, with influences from Hindu and Buddhist imagery. A very unique and intriguing mix if you ask us!  

For this post, Chan Phoun shares three of his artworks and tells the stories behind them. We are very honored to publish these stories and hope they will inspire you just as much as they inspired us.

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