Cambodia’s carom billiards star blazing world trail – Srong Pheavy

Srong Pheavy, from Suong town in Tboung Khmum province, started playing carom billiards after moving to South Korea and has gone on to win 35 medals worldwide

Beyond Cambodian sport fanatics Srong Pheavy is little known in the Kingdom, but she has made a name for herself in South Korea, where she has won no less than 35 medals in carom billiards.

The sport is played with a cue and three balls on a pocketless table, points being scored by a player causing the cue ball to “carom” from one object ball to another.

Pheavy arrived in South Korea in 2011 after marrying the local owner of a small publishing company in Geongju.

Born in Kampong Cham’s Suong district, which is now a town in Tboung Khmum province, Pheavy learned nothing about the sport in her childhood and only took it up a year after moving to South Korea.

“My husband said that if I played this sport, I would become popular and could help other people,” Pheavy said.

“I paid about $300 every month for coaching and I practiced for three years. Then tried to improve my game by myself by competing in several clubs.

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