Cambodian rice voted the best on the planet for three years straight

Rice is a staple in the Cambodian diet, whether it’s eaten for breakfast, dinner or a simple snack. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that Cambodia grows some of the world’s finest rice.

Thousands of years of experience in rice cultivation has paid off for Cambodia in recent years. Cambodia’s top-quality strains have secured successes in a string of international competitions. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, a fragrant Cambodian jasmine rice variety Phka Rumduol—often referred to as Phka Malis—was crowned the world’s finest rice by the International Commodity Institute at the annual World Rice Conference.

In 2015, it lost the title to a Californian strain, and in 2016, a Thai brand from Chiang Mai secured the top spot. In 2017, the premium fragrant rice ranked among the top three strains, marginally missing out to Thailand’s Horm Malis rice. Hopes are high that Cambodia can win back the coveted title.

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