Cambodian Genocide Remembrance Day

April 17, 2019 marks 44 years of a tragic event in human history: the fall of Phnom Penh that led to the Cambodian Genocide. Join the Long Beach Cambodian Community on this day where we honor the approximately 2 million lives lost in the genocide in Cambodia between 1975 to 1979, as well as those who survived. Together, we will reflect on healing, renewal, and honor the resiliency of the Khmer Spirit. There will be guest speakers and an opportunity to create a public awareness art about the Cambodian Genocide, along with a free buffet dinner.

The event is free but you must RSVP here:

For questions contact Sayon Syrasoeuth at sayon.syprasoeuth@ucclb.org or Dr. Suely Saro at suely.saro@gmail.com.


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