Cambodia: War and Beauty photographic exhibition opens at FCC Angkor

FCC Angkor by Avani presents a photo exhibition entitled “Cambodia: War and Beauty” by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Dr. David A. Feingold. The exhibition draws on Feingold’s rich experience documenting Cambodia’s history through the lens of culture, politics, and war. Divided into four themes covering war, culture, the transition to peace and the impact of landmines, visitors will have a chance to experience the contrasts, continuities, and changes in Cambodia over the span of 30 years, as experienced by Feingold.

Feingold first visited Cambodia as an undergraduate in 1961 and returned in 1964, prior to the start of the civil war. This visit resulted in his ongoing interest in Cambodia. In 1986, after two decades, he returned to Cambodia to conduct field research and film in the refugee camps along the Thai border.

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