Cambodia Burning shortlisted in Earth Photo 2020 Competition

Sean Gallagher’s short film “Cambodia Burning” documents the recent fires that have raged across forests in north and central Cambodia. At their peak in 2018, 1,800 forest fires were burning, more than any other Southeast Asian country at the time. It is estimated that only 3 percent of Cambodia’s primary forests remain as trees are cleared for agriculture and logging.

In “Cambodia Burning,” he uses a unique blend of drone cinematography and Cambodian poetry to highlight the forest fires’ emotional impact on the Cambodian people.

Earth Photo is an international photo competition and exhibition created by the Royal Geographical Society and Forestry England. Images selected for the Changing Forests category “reveal both the importance of the world’s forests and the challenges they are facing today” and “convey compelling stories, helping us to deepen our understanding of forests and forest ecology.”

In full here.

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