Cambodia #4 the world’s friendliest Countries

Country which may be hard to place, Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation west of Vietnam. The ruined temple complex of Angor Wat, in the northwestern part of the country, is a must-see for any world traveler, but getting there takes time and patience. Luckily, the Cambodian people are happy to help. Locals particularly appreciate tourists who are interested in their strong tradition of artistic expression and creation.

Fun fact: 39 percent of respondents felt at home in Cambodia nearly right away, the highest share of all the surveyed countries and more than twice the global average.

  • 92 percent of expats say the country has a friendly attitude towards out-of-towners
  • 59 percent say it’s easy to make local friends
  • 23 percent say it’s likely they’ll stay forever

Full article on https://universitymagazine.ca/worlds-friendliest-countries/

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