Work From Home Revolution

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    What are your thoughts on the Work From Home revolution taking place in North America?  I’ve done it in the past and find that you need a strong mentality to work remotely.

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    I personally don’t like to work from home, but glad I have the option to.

    It’s just the way the world works. Everything is more computers and companies are going around the world to find the best candidates. Working from home has increased a lot of competition for people.

    Aside from jobs like medical and the likes, if you ain’t working from home….you might struggle in the future…

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    I’m not a fan because there are too many distractions but it is nice to have the option for when you actually need it.

    Question for @smokeybandit:  What is the link for?  It seems related to the topic but very random to just link it like that.

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      @chanrith the link is a job portal to find online work, just referencing a site where one could find online/remote work.  That’s just one though, there are many others.

      The distraction working from home can get to you easily and it’s something you have to overcome and discipline yourself to deal with.  Besides, why buy a $500K house when you’re spending most of your time not at home anyway.  Make the most of your home!

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    I’m all for it. The roads are too congested, and less cars on the roads = less pollution.

    For working families, it’d be the best since kids need their parents, especially the first few years before they start school.

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      @noob that’s a good point to make about traffic congestion.  Imagine if everyone worked one or two days per week from home.  That would definitely help with the congestion!  I used to work in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and traffic was horrible.  I can’t imagine doing that type of commute anymore.

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    Sach Mon

    I would much prefer to work during my travels. Say… photography for instance or vlogging about food and travel. The home is for rest and  leasure in my opinion and it is where I enjoy watching my movies, listening to my music through some tower speakers, play my keyboards, etc. But hey if you can work from home and avoid having to deal with crappy weather, traffic jams, and rude customers then more power to ya.

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