Why so many Khmer parents don't want to study?

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    The thing I love about America is that America has so much education. English is the doorway to so much information.

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    cuz.. engrish optional!

    in such close-knit immigrant communities

    like cambo town, lil saigon, etc

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      You notice how older Khmer people are more concern with Khmer kids raised in America knowing Khmer….but they’re not so concerned with knowing Khmer in America? They want their kids to know Khmer, but don’t want them to get deported or live in Cambodia. They live in America and don’t want to learn English.

      Screwy logic to me.

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      Hey Forrest, it’s harder for the elder khmer folks to pick up a new language because generally the older you are, the harder it is for you to learn a new language. It’s great that they want their kids to learn English, which is admirable enough, but you have to pick on them because they’re not so smart as you? Maybe you can question your trash parents why they produced such a fked up kid? lol

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      Khmer people who came to America in their 30s+ and even 20s+ didn’t go to school to learn even basic English. They came to America, the most opportunistic country in the world…and they didn’t take advantage of it. There are Khmer people who came to America at 30 and 40 and are now 60 or 70…and they don’t know sh*t!! You would think that after all those years, they would want to learn English and embrace all the educational opportunities in America.

      My parents came to America and learned English and went to school as well. Yet I look at most of my peers, their parents don’t want to. What’s the problem? They don’t have the ability to learn English or get educated, but they have all the time to do other things?

      So far, everything I hear from you are just excuses and reasons why we can’t do anything. Some people came to America at 19 and lied about their age…so that they could go to school….and some people just go make babies and cry about it like your mother.

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      even yieys and tas in their golden years only seem to care about casinos, 3somes, and various get-rich quick schemes

      again the common theme is chasing $ and bizarre obsession to polygamize

      seeding litters of retarded kids in multiple towns here and overseas via ss/disability public assistance

      all engrish optional indeed.

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      I do agree with noob that the older you are, the harder it is to learn a second language.

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      It’s harder…but it’s not impossible. Much of these older people came to the US when they were in their 20s-40s and are now 50-70s. Them not knowing English has nothing to do with them being older or because of the war. It’s because they don’t want to. My parents learned English, yet their younger siblings don’t. The same people who don’t want to learn English are the same lazy losers back in Cambodia before the war who didn’t want to study.

      It’s too bad that so many people support and give excuses for the poor, negative, and victim mindset.

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    perfect example of what I see when a ninja looks down on his own peeps..

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      I don’t see how this video relates to any of this.

      However, I do expect some people to come at me for “looking down on his own peeps”. Let’s be clear, if you came to America and live in America for decades and you don’t speak English, You’re a fcking idiot! You’re a piece of sht! I don’t care what race you are! Yes, i bring up Khmer because it’s a Khmer site. The thing is that we have too many people who keep making excuses and keep defending the poor mentality.

      I’ve known people who came in the 80s and while they learned English, learned another language. And within the same family, there are those that don’t even bother to learn English. It’s usually because they’re lazy, they don’t want to, it’s hard, it takes a lot of effort, could be that they’re just stupid, etc. Whatever the reason is, it’s not impossible…it’s not because they can’t. Everybody can twist it around and say i’m “looking down on my own peeps”…I don’t care who you are you are…if you live in America for decades and plan to die here…and you don’t learn English, you’re an idiot! And it’s too bad that there’s too many people who defend and protect the victim mentality. That’s what I hear everyday..people making excuses and people who defends it. Too bad!

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      And again, I stress, to live in America for decades and plan to die here…and to not learn English….those people are idiots! And i’m very sorry if your parents are like that. To not learn the language you reside in is one of the dumbest sh*t you can do. It’s really testing the limits of stupidity. These are the same people who can spend countless hours in front of the tv, spend hours gossping, or go to the casino, but they will rarely ever try to learn English.

      It’s not an issue of can’t, but won’t. It’s an issue of being lazy and stupid. And it’s too bad that we got too many people who defend this victim BS mentality. People spend their whole lives BSing. People rather spend their whole lives BSing and rather be poor…than to study. That’s why you got poor white people in America, yet there are people who came from poor countries and prosper. They don’t want to study and they just want to f*ck.

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