Who's the banker in your relationship?

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    I once worked with a half Dutch/half Italian girl who also had some native blood in her.  She told me her husband likes to spend, she saves the money.  I think it’s true, men are good for the economy.  Where would they be without dropping that infamous line, “I gotta ask the wife first.”

    My family doctor mentioned something along the same line.  He said he keeps all his money in his wife’s account so that he doesn’t look too attractive.  He’s likely saving himself from lawsuits.

    I feel like I want to give all my money to my mother so she can be the banker.  It’s always been a difficult relationship between us when it comes to money.  I need to save and she’s good at saving.  I spend too much.  If I wanna hit my target of a wedding next year, I’m going to need a banker, fast!

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    The reason why men spend more is that they spend on women! Men have to spend money to look like they got money to attract women, and to spend it on women. All women have to do is show up and suck his d*ck. Now, women do spend on clothes…but the shady thing women do is bring the clothes back after they wear it at night. Most men honor the products they buy, but women buy with the intention of returning.

    Then when they get married, women start to get upset because when the guy spends money, it’s her money too! Then women realize that these guys were using credit to whoo them. The couples are use to pretending to have money. The guy is so use to spending and pretending to look like a man, and the woman is so use to spending his money. This is why couples have financial problems. So guy finally realize she only with him because of money..and repeat process with young girl, and wife goes on linkedin looking for richer d*ck.

    I think banking should be both people who intend to save money and not pretend to be rich.

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    It fails to impress me that someone with supposedly a University education would constantly evoke elementary language in his response.  You would think that someone with all that education would have practiced to properly write out his opinion or position.  I’m not convinced that you have a College degree based on your inability to construct arguments with sound reasoning skills.

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      Well, I’m not sure what you’re arguing since your response was very general and vague, but I will take a hunch at it. I think you’re just upset about the other thread about staying at a job long term vs leaving. For some reason, that topic struck a nerve with most people I talk to because usually low performing people stay at jobs long while successful people change jobs often. I don’t say this to insult people, but I say it because it’s one of the best thing anybody can do for their lives. Low performers get offended and give attitude back unfortunately. I deal with this all the time.

      Was it the profanity? Have you been around most college education people? Them not using profanity is something I never saw.

      You disagree? Why? Men spend more money than women because they spend it to attract women. First, men have to create the image of success which means spending money. Then they are the ones who have to pay for dates, drinks, hotel room, gas for car, etc. All women have to do is look nice…and so much of the time, they buy outfits, wear it for the night, and return it the next day. Then when they get married, they see all the debt men have. They get into budget mode because most guys are broke! This is why most people live paycheck to paycheck, half of people will retire into poverty, and relationships either fail or are affected by infidelity.

      And to answer your question, the BANK is literally the banker in most relationships. Seriously!

      But hey, people hate it when I say it. Guys hate it when I expose them for being broke. And most people think that if somebody drives a nice car or wear luxury clothes, they are rich. That’s most people!

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