What Percentage of Foreign born Khmer Americans are US citizens?

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    about 1 in 4 kh-ams refugees never got their citizenship

    virtually 100% kh-am refugees have some gang history, but ‘only’ half are bona-fide felons, mostly the males not surprisingly.

    of those 50% felons, only a quarter of resulting rejects are actually deportable, since half did get their us passport.. the ‘lucky ones’ they call themselves!

    and presto 2% per decade is the MAGIC NUMBER ICE (us Customs Immigration Enforcement) is currently starting with under DHS/FEMA projects to cleanse/purge America.

    US accepted over HALF A MILLION VIETNAMESE after bombing indochina – then ran drugs & hoes thru rival gangs (ie ms13) to feed the penal biz & dumbing down of amerikans-  and has now slated 2% of them for deportation in the past decade.

    likewise, US accepted (only) 150K CAMBODIANS as refugees after bombing indochina, and likewise slated 2% for deportation in the past decade.

    (US also accepted around 10-15K ‘cambodians’ as immigrants, many on student or business visa – but would u be surprised most/all are CHEN-khmers not khmer-chen?)  0_o

    obviously after about 100 years, that would reduce vietnamese and cambodian populations in US down by about a quarter (which is about the percentage who didnt bother getting their citizenship thus actually pay taxes/war) unless they’re breeding which each other like kmao & sdek.

    unfortunately most are breeding with kmao & sdek, instead.. which is likewise all part of the nwo ‘plan’: they punish khmers who don’t get citizenship cuz those tend to work off-books & don’t tend to pay TAXES which are vital to funding current/future genocides, afterall! =/


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      So 75% Khmers getting their citizenship is a pretty high number. I don’t believe it though.

      Most Khmer people are communist minded, so they expect the government to assist or support them. It doesn’t work in Cambodia because everybody expect to get something from somebody…so the rich get from the poor. It works in America because white people pay tax and support Khmer people so that we can drive luxury cars.

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      indeed its a high guestimate based on the low (2% per decade) amount being deported (for repeat misdeameanors or felonies without proof of us citizenship obtained).

      would you argue only 1 in 2 khmer refugees ever bothered to get naturalized?

      or even less than 50% bothered to get naturalized??

      in my observation, soooo many khmer refugees in usa have a gang or criminal arrest history – even the older folks now in their 50s and 60s rather than 30s and 40s!

      its like totally opposite the chinese/korean/indian community, but worse than even the latino community, in america!

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      These has a lot of good information.


      CITIZENSHIP (among foreign born)

      U.S. citizen             72

      Not a U.S.               28

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      This is a pretty high number. I wonder when so many Khmers started getting citizenship? Many Khmers I saw started getting it after 2 decades in America. I think maybe after they saw the deportation situation and started to get their citizenship.

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    i am one

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