What do you do after setting a date?

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    We have a date for the weekend and I wantvto make sure she doesn’t pull the “I’m sorry, I forgot about our date” card. I message her every day to keep myself fresh on her mind. She doesn’tvrespond much tho. She says she doesn’t feel like talking much. So, I need some advice. What dobyou do after you set a date a week in advance?

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    Polin Hem

    bro if i were you go get some umm good weed. and go for a jog. when i was in cambodia i used to run through the city high as fuck listening to my mp3

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    Polin Hem

    in cambodia the internet sucks. i didnt whore around so i had this excess energy that got worse the longer i was inactive. so just go out there nad break urself off to the point where a bich is the last thing on your mind. if you can still jerk off after a workout you not doing it right. FACTS!

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