What are you doing to improve yourself or your life in general?

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    Sach Mon

    Few people are at a place in life where they’d like to be. This in itself should be a motivating factor to work towards that goal. As for me I’m constantly on a lookout to make more money while maintaining my sense of freedom. I want to get paid generously without having to work 10 to 12 hours a day. Relationships and schools are not on my radar but it maybe for others. How bout you?

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    Going to school while balancing work and a child. It’s so tempting to drop out because I’m not sure if this is the change in career choice I should make. ?


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      Feeding my mind with better thoughts to overcome the grind lag.  That moment I feel sometimes when I think I’m overqualified and don’t want to do the work.  Work is work and all jobs require some skills.

      I’ve been auditioning for voice over roles for respectable brands.  My recent audition was for a Cognac brand, which turns out to be the same name as my girl’s family name.  I also thought I did well auditioning for an online sports team to help them build hype for the coming season.

      I’m keeping real busy with other work and errands too.

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    Learning contract laws and understanding my roll in this world and how to operate in the private versus the public.

    contracts are like spells with words that binds someone with a task or obligation.

    discover the true nature of yourself before you can venture on to others.

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    am working more hours and harder, making (saving) more, helping more, bigger picture.

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    Using the alarm at kukuklox.com to wake me up in the morning. If there’s one thing that I can’t sleep through, it’s the sound of a rooster at dawn.

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