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    Sursdey Bong-Pa-Oun,

    Welcome to KhmerLife.  We’re very excited to have you back.  If you’re new to KhmerLife, welcome for the first time 🙂  Most of you may have been following us on Facebook (@KhmerLifeOfficial) and Instagram (@khmerlifeofficial) probably wondering what we’ve been up to.  Well, we’ve got a lot going on.  We’ve made a lot of big changes.  Our goal is to better connect our Khmer communities and to make a positive impact within our communities across the globe.  Our purpose, simple, to unite Khmers from all walks of life as one.

    The first thing you may notice is that we’ve updated our website for the umpteenth time.  Yes, we know it’s getting old having to sign up all over again but we promise you this will be the last (unless you forget your account or something then that’s on you)

    Please take some time to explore the new KhmerLife site.  Take a look around and you will see a brand spanking new front page where the most up to date content is prominently displayed.  There’s a new Community section for forums and member pages where you can connect with other members and get to know one another.  Member blogs and photo galleries will be coming soon.  A News & Events section has been added for the most current and trending news relating to Cambodia and Cambodians.  The Entertainment section is for the newest music videos from Khmer music artists around the globe. We also have a Channels section for KhmerLife Affiliates, Music Producers, Video Directors and Models.  Coming soon is our Shop where you will be able to purchase KhmerLife Apparel and accessories.  We’re also working on bringing the KhmerLife experience to your mobile phones via iOS and Android!

    This is only the beginning and we hope to keep you anticipating for more as we work to grow KhmerLife into something purposeful for our communities worldwide.  We’re looking forward to becoming the worlds largest most active online Cambodian community with a global reach.  Do you think we can do it?  We think so.  Thank you for your participation and contributions to KhmerLife.


    — KhmerLife Admins

    P.S. Follow us on Facebook (@KhmerLifeOfficial) and Instagram (@khmerlifeofficial)

    Interested in joining our KhmerLife team?

    We currently have a small team of enthusiastic individuals helping us contribute to KhmerLife and are looking to grow our team.  We need writers, content experts, social media gurus, models and photographers. If you have any interest in joining our team please reach out to us with some information about you and how you’d like to contribute to the KhmerLife community.  Our email address is info@khmerlife.com

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    Thanks to Chanrith, Thy, and Thai for bringing this site back up and running with new features 😍. I can’t wait for the blogs and galleries section!

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      Thanks for your continued support.  We have some real OG’s up in here 😉

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    You’re doing good with the site, but I’d like to bring up a feature request that I think would definitely enrich KL’ers who want to explore opportunities and obtain skills.  We all lead very busy lives and at the end of the day we want each day to progressively get better.  For me, I want to make sure that younger and future generations are well equipped to tackle the challenges that arises with the progression of time.  The last 25 years has been a tremendous period of rapid transformations that I’m sure many older generations Khmer has ever experienced.  The invention of Internet is definitely a tool that has rapidly changed the social context of Khmer society and the greater society overall.  I’ve depended on the Internet to help myself attain knowledge, experience and training for opportunities  For KhmerLife to tackle education and have a section that help to further benefit everyone would be amazing.  I wouldn’t mind sharing tips, guides and answers to help fuel innovation within the Khmer community.

    At the present time, there are many resources available to Internet users to further enhance the ability to find solutions and solve problems.  However, with the vast nature of the Internet and the varying degree of experience within the KhmerLife community, finding solutions to these problems may pose a problem in itself.  These solutions could be anything from repairing household problems to learning about different composition styles in photography.  What I suggest is having the education section be a knowledgebase to share links and resources found on the Internet, including YouTube.  These are merely suggestions on things that I believe would enrich the lives of KL members and help the website to provide even more benefits to visitors.

    Thank you the amazing work that you’ve been doing for the community.  Happy new year to you all and all the best this year.

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      Thanks for the suggestions.  I think most of what you suggested can be achieved here in the forums. It does align with one of our goals to make this website more useful to our members but for now we’re primarily focusing on getting connections from all over to hopefully bring some positive changes within our communities.

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      That’s fair ball.  Keep up the good work.  To quote the movie “Field of Dreams” – “If you build it, they will come.”

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    Zero Numbers

    We’re going to need more direction and how this place separates from the other Khmer sites or forums.

    Another thing. We have to make things in a way where people will care about the threads on the forum. Something that caused the 3 previous versions of this place to deteriorate.

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      I agree with your points. This time around we’re doing things different. We’re encouraging activity via social media, bringing in apparel and making connections with other Khmer influencers from all over. Forums will always be here but you’re right, we need to figure out a way to keep people engaged in meaningful discussions. Thanks for the input.

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    Zero Numbers

    Here’s something we can make an improvement on from the past. Don’t let threads get open with posters just dumping links or showing pictures without anything of significance added to the post. This was going on a lot in the past. When people just dump links to their post, all they’re doing is just re-directing to the external resource.

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      We can definitely encourage our members for sure. For now, we won’t be policing the place but we can set rules for things like minimum content length and limit number of external links etc.

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