URGENT NOTICE! -I.C.E Raids set to begin in the new year on Cambodian Community.

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    I.C.E. is at it again 🙁

    Spread the word. Help keep families together.

    Follow the story here https://khmerlife.com/2019/01/02/i-c-e-raids-set-to-begin-in-the-new-year-on-cambodian-community/

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    Looks like we have some progress! The fight is real. Help keep families together.

    Posted by KhmerLife on Thursday, January 3, 2019

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    It’s too bad that most of these people’s parents didn’t make an effort to get them citizenship. It’s too bad that these people committed crimes. It’s too bad that out of 2 parties (Parents and Child)….one couldn’t make the smart decision. If parents got their children citizenship, it would have covered them if they committed crimes. If child didn’t commit crime, it would have covered parents’ stupidity to not get citizenship. One side couldn’t do the smart thing.

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    I dont know how i feel about this. I hate to see families separated, but should i really fight for those that committed criminal acts on multiple accounts?  Mulitple crimes are typically required to justify deportation.

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      Most of these people would never fight for you! They can’t even fight for themselves. The government is smart..instead of shipping them all out at once, they spread out the deportations over time. They know that these people won’t fight for others..except their own families when it’s time. Still, those that are most affected often don’t stand up. Many been deported and nobody around them did anything…because they have no balls or embarrassed to have others know that somebody in their families are convicts.

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      The problem with people fighting is that they are raising the wrong issues. One must overstand how the Vatican, London and United States (not to be construed as America) have control over majority of the world. Learn the power of the uniform commercial codes and only then will you be able to walk out the matrix…

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    Sad I met khmers  who voted  for Trump

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      Why would any minority vote for a guy that inspires white supremacists?

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    alot of people look at this like its the end of the world. cambodia is a wonderous place. the beer flows like water and the food is second to none. and it just so happens that the women arent too bad lookin either. motherfuckers need to stop crying and start game planning, just my two cents

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      I personally think Cambodia is a sh*thole country. That being said, that’s where we are from and it’s sad that people cry to go back to where they are from. There is no place that is more Cambodian than Cambodia.  I think that people need to stop running away from their own countries and instead make their own countries better. Why is it always the worst ones that are willing to stay and fight??

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