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    I just came across an interesting website through Facebook. University of the People. It’s a brilliant concept aimed at promoting world peace and economic stability.

    There’s no tuition fees, only the bare bone minimum registration and admibistrative fee. My current University charges $800/course ($600US). In comparison it’s about $100US at UoPeople.

    I already signed up!

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    Seems like a good idea and it’s accredited. I don’t know though. It may be worth it, but there’s something about a school that has a physical location, been around a hundred years, and people are aware of it. In the next few years to decades, it’s predicted that many colleges will shut down. That is probably true for online as well as there’s so many of them and so many competition. A online school can be taken down faster than it comes up. You don’t want to be in a system where it shuts down.

    I take online courses myself from the MOOC, but I don’t feel comfortable yet to get a degree from an online school that’s not been around that long. The main reason why we go to college is not really for the education, but we’re paying for that piece of paper and for the school’s reputation.

    I think you’re on to something and you’re probably ahead of everybody else. Bottom line is that if it’s accredited, then that’s what matters. There is a saying though…you get what you pay for. And though I didn’t research…what is the acceptance or graduation rates? Majority of people who sign up for free online schools fail because they don’t have a stake in it and anybody can sign up.

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