Top 10 Wealthiest Americans: Commonalities?

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    Bezos, Gates, Buffett, Ellison, Zuckerberg, Page, Charles & David Koch, Brin, Bloomberg.. those are the to 10 wealthiest Americans… what have they all got in common?

    • All are Males
    • All are Whites (half of anglo, half of jewish heritage)
    • All are above 35yo
    • All work in providing tech-oriented services, not tangible products
    • All have been married at least once (but 8 of the 10 already divorced/separated at least once).






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    I don’t like to look at who are the wealthiest…I like to look at the general numbers. Sometimes, I hear Mexicans talk about how a Mexican guy is one of the richest guys in the world…but he don’t represent most. Though them being white shows that white countries tend to be richer, it’s not enough to judge a whole group or group in general by a few people. The irony is that people still complain when you generalize when generalizations give you the best view of something as a whole or largely.

    Generally, white countries are better off than other countries. Western White countries are better off than Eastern White countries. Easter white countries are generally better off than most African countries. Generally, Eastern Asian countries are better off than Eastern Europeans. Generally, Khmer people do worst than most Asians. So based on all that information, I try to do my part to make myself better so that I can up the generalization. Unfortunately, for every effort I make, there’s like 80 Khmer guys who gotta f*ck it For every Khmer girl who is trying to be somebody, there’s like 60 getting pregnant.

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