Tips for Fried Rice

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    I made fried rice this past week and my family ate too. It passed the test but it was butchered a bit. I used rice fresh put of the rice pot while it was on the “keep warm” setting.

    The rice, once stir fried, ended up being mushier than I like it. To get the best result, I should have let the rice cool and harden before it became stir-fried.

    The recipe I used was from Khatiya Korner. I like website but have only tried a couple of recipes.

    Do you have any tips for making the best fried rice?

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    yea lots of kh folk told me ‘yesterday’ bai from the fridge fries up better than freshly steamed; if don’t have any yesterday’s, they saute dry, uncooked bai in oiled wok for several minutes first before adding garlic/onion then water/stock to simmer til al dente.

    i know fried anything is unhealthy, but hav a weak spot for crispy dishes, especially samut  =l

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