The Nomadic Guide to Marketing

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    I’ve been around the block many times, sometimes off the block and off the chains.  My course is sometimes steered with gentle winds, other times hurricane-force winds (Asia: typhoon-force).  With regards to the path I have traveled in life, one thing for certain is that I gained a lot of insider information that others may not have otherwise learned/experienced.

    The sad truth about me, I’m like a big sail boat in an even bigger ocean.  I have moved between 5 cities in the past 18 years more times than most people make in their lifetime.  The result?  I’ve been employed with 10-20 different companies during this period as well.  If there’s benefits from the constant moves it’s the lessons learned from each move and each work transition.  The greatest of which is the marketing knowledge that I have learned along the way  — only because marketing is a critical lifeline of business and all the cool kids do marketing.


    If you want to learn about Sales/Marketing the most important piece of information I can offer you wannabe marketers is FUJI.  It’s an acronym that contains successful marketing strategies.  It stands for the different approaches which can help turn your dreams into reality.  But what does it stand for?  You’ll find the answer below:

    Fear, Urgency, Jones, Impulse.  Simple as that.  Once you have that down, you’re ready to move on to the finesse stage.  I’ll be back later to fill in as much void that exist.

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