Successful PEOPLE are more attractive?

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    I’m going to counter-post a discussion that mister children brought up about how successful women are less attractive.

    Do you find that SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are more attractive? Or are they too intimidating for you to approach/date?

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    For me, they are a lot more attractive but definitely intimidating.  I have never tried not for fear of rejection but fear of the unknown things like higher expectations etc.

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      Definitely. If they set a high expectation for themselves to reach where they’re at, I can’t imagine the bar that they set out for people they date. But again, we’ll never know. There are unsuccessful people who has high expectations lol.

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    in local community (cambodiatown), ‘success’ appears to be synonymous with ‘mien’:

    • get dolled up or dress fancy even just to go to food 4 less
    • drive a german car
    • have a gucci bag and/or iphone 10 or galaxy/note 10 everywhere with u

    if only everyone realize success really means jok chai (manifest, accomplish?), the world would be a better place, tho =/

    sometimes when im at doung mai or riverside, etc for extra veg or beer, its embarrassing to hear the women shopping suddenly chattering ‘eh, pro saat nah’. once one ming approached me asking ‘u single, u single?’ and proceed to explain in engrish her daughter (with her) ‘look for a man’. i actually entertained their spontaneous, peculiar interest in a creepy stranger (me) for a moment, and proceeded to asked the sorta map-map daughter if she had kids… n she explained she has a girl and a boy but just got divorced, then i said somtoh puntae ot jong prapun.. why yall got divorce? she replied he player, lir jet sva. i told her ‘knyom phong dae!’ then u shoulda seen her face  =D

    anyways, theres a saying, ber jong oy ke korop klun, kur tver mea yeat oy laaw klas tov! only real success is what positive difference one make in this mostly godforsaken world!

    thus, what one does for a living & their assets is how attractive & successful they are, imo.

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      I laughed out loud with this. I think it’s a common khmer parent’s behavior to try and hook their children up with someone.

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    If you’re a man, being successful will definitely make you more attractive. To people in general, yes as well, especially if they are looking to benefit from you. The average Khmer guy will never care that I make a sh*t more money than him and many will dislike me….but the successful and educated ones will like me more. We’re sick of so many Khmer people bring Khmer people down, so when you see a Khmer doing something, you have to congratulate.

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      ^why is that, in the community, khmers tend to throw each under the bus – especially bad-talking the occasional successful one – yet look up to barangs?

      still tryin to comprehend that double standard.. =/

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      A lot of poor and poorer minded people don’t like more successful people, especially those that came from the same environment because it goes against all the BS they they spit out. They want to blame racism, wars, poverty, but then when a minority from war and poverty succeed, it blows back at them. So they hate on successful people! That is one of the traits of poor minded people…attack those who are successful. Poor minded people will cry all day and blame the system…asking for help, but when you give them help in the form of information, they get upset. To them, the only help they want is for you to give them money.

      Right now, colleges and organizations created Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which is intended to provide a college education for poorer people for Free or at a very low cost. YET, most of the people who take them are college graduates. The problem is that poor minded people don’t want to learn….and that’s why they are poor.

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      I don’t see myself as being successful, but more of a hard worker. I had peers from the khmer community who assumed that I am, and they would look down. Some would even ask to borrow money like I have money to lend out and get upset when I refused.

      I see that being successful is an attractive trait to have, but that’s something that a lot of successful people try not boast about to avoid that unwanted attention/problems.

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      Some successful people won’t say a thing because they know that people will hate on them or try to take advantage of them.

      Some successful people will make it well known because they believe that they should use their success to help people.

      I’m kind of the latter, but I think that what people find out is that people don’t want to learn, so they become the first above.

      I also notice that when somebody who has more say it like it is, poor minded people will get jealous or consider it as bragging. For example, If a person say they got a new job, the poor minded person would get upset with that. Getting a job is not bragging…it’s getting a job like anybody else. It’s the biggest thing that is happening in your life, yet some don’t want to hear it because it makes them upset. If somebody said they’re going to buy an mac book, they get upset. Poor minded people will get upset when they see people with free time because they don’t have to work all the time to pay the bills. They’re constantly hating on people who do well…rather than try to learn from those that do well.



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