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    Kyom plej alein ta maday ouy pok mean dei nung chaka merik nov srok khmer.  tem kern video pei chaka.  I was impressed with the growth and a bit jealous lol

    I went looking for the lime and black pepper flavored ms vickies only to realize they don’t have them anymore lol

    do you have investments in srok khmer?

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    I was looking into an ETF with Cambodia in it…though it was well below 1%. If Cambodia improved, i’m sure that it would be increased in one of the emerging market ETFs. I haven’t looked beyond that. I’m sure there is a lot of money to be made in Cambodia…but a lot of risks. I want to invest in Cambodia…but I don’t really know where to start or a safe way to do it. Do you?

    Until then, I just give to charity. I feel good to give and not expect anything back.

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      You should be talking to your family/relatives in Cambodia for investment ideas.  They would have the proper connects to get the ball rolling.  Like my aunt/uncle there, in addition to their Chaka Merik, they own many acres of Chaka kasou, near the Krek rubber plantation.  I’m thinking that’s a good place to start investing for me.

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      I just don’t trust families over there and a lot of people mistreat each other..even against their own families. That’s why Khmer people are kinda hard to deal

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      That happens everywhere fool.  Don’t buy into all the media reports.  There’s a lot of reports of White people committing crimes in the media, but a lot of it seem like invisible reporting, almost as if nobody really notices.

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    Ehhh, too risky for me.  Unless you have mob ties or government ties, just run away.

    This is copied and pasted from investopedia:

    Investors pursue frontier, or pre-emerging, equity markets to seek potentially high returns. As many frontier markets do not have developed stock markets, investments are often private or direct in startups and infrastructure. Although it’s possible to achieve strong results from investing in frontier markets, investors must also accept higher risks than in the United States or Europe, for example (or any other of the G7 nations).

    Some of the risks investors face in frontier markets are political instability, poor liquidity, inadequate regulation, substandard financial reporting and large currency fluctuations. In addition, many markets are overly dependent on volatile commodities.

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    america is nice and all but im a nationalist. im gonna settle down in siem reap and fuckin live in the jungle like my ancestors.

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      It’s unfortunate that so many Khmer don’t understand how to live in America. They’re not use to the competition, education, networking, financials, equality, etc. Even though many Khmers went to college in the last 10 years, it’s like they fell for the trick. America has been pushing so many poor kids through the education so that colleges can make more money and increase loans, while the government get the student loans that students pay for decades. The thing that keeps everything afloat is all the government assistance and what happens when that stops? America is deeply in debt and eventually the assistance will stop.

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