Should Khmer people come together to celebrate academic success of other Khmers?

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    I saw the article today and I think it was a good story and I’m glad to see Khmer people do better. Though I use to think that we should celebrate each other’s success in public, I don’t think so anymore.

    The first thing, and I’ve done this too, is that it’s a bragathon. I see it all the time, Khmer kids go to college and think they are superior or just bragging that they are so successful. That’s not the problem though.

    The problem I see is that when you get a degree, Khmer people either expect more from you….or they look to tear you down. Because there is so much jealousy against those who do better, others who are not as successful are looking to tear them down. I guess that’s life, but I think it’s worst with Khmer people..and I’ve went through it.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe most Khmer people who graduated succeed after college. The main reason is that most jobs are gotten through connections….connections that most Khmer people don’t have.

    So this goes to my main point. Khmer kids go around bragging about their education and now they can’t find good jobs….and the community tears them apart. I believe this is a reason why so many Khmer kids drop out of college or their parents discourage them from going to college because of the hit they will get from the community. This happens a lot in American culture as well, but it’s very normal that Americans have degrees and got crappy jobs. However, with Khmers… college graduates are less and standout, and they will get hit by the community. You’ll hear stuff like “oh, you wasted money going to college degree..I make more and didn’t go to college”



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    In order for khmer people to grow, I feel that we need to encourage each other to do better in life.  To keep an open mind and be happy for one’s success.

    This goes to YOU, mister.children, instead of belittling the khmer community, you should keep an open mind and try to understand why certain people are the way they are. Can you help or make a difference? If not, then sometimes it’s not worth to ramble over things you can’t control.

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      I agree that we should encourage each other, but most jobs are gotten through connections. So most Khmer college graduates struggle to find jobs and end up getting criticized instead.  Many people will say “oh, he graduated and work at a job that don’t require a degree”. Many college graduates go on bragathons and deserve it though.

      Don’t celebrate graduation….celebrate getting the jobs.

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