She's sending mixed signals

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    We made plans a few weeks ago to have dinner together, but we have yet to eat out. Now she won’t respond to my texts either, but she apologized for that saying she’s overwhelmed since moving out on her own.

    We talked on our smoke break. She says she looks for me in the morning. She tries to see where I am. We hadn’ seen each other for a week or two since I moved into the IT department.

    Today I met her in the morning to find out her break schedule. I ended up missing her breaks though because I became too busy. I just want to spend some time to get to know her some more.

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    I was thinking today…most women are gamblers and will gamble on the wrong guy most of the time. We can try to figure them out..but how can you rely on women that can’t find proper fathers for their kids and stick with them? You look at most females and they’re just pumping out babies with any guy that is willing to go to the movies with them a few times. If you look at Khmer women alone..forget about it! Ain’t hardly any Khmer woman who think about raising her kids and paying for lunch. They’re thinking about free lunch, free medical insurance, rent assistance, etc.

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      Bro your like the Cambodian H.Hefner. u have some wild stories about these shawtys. Bro teach me your game senpai?

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      What I can say about most women, especially women from poorer countries is that they’re laser focused on getting pregnant at a young age. They might not fully understand it…it’s instinct. They need to secure government assistance or child support. All women know that a single old lady with no kids get NOTHING! In reality, it’s not easy or straightforward, but that’s how they think. This is why women left and right at young ages are pumping out babies with random guys or losers. They don’t go for the decent guys because decent guys are too focused on school and not chasing women.

      Forward to the future after decent guys finish college and get good jobs…these women appear out of nowhere. All of a sudden, married women from the old days with children now are asking you to lunch. You can be an idiot and go for these women.

      Men and women think more in reverse.
      Men think “good grades > good college > good job > good money > good wife”.
      Women think”f*ck a loser > get pregnant > get government assistance or child support > then find good guy”

      I’m not saying all women, but more often than not, and most in many communities..such as Khmer community. Khmer women, even college educated ones, they’re getting pregnant in college or they’re having children right after college. Khmer Americans have lower rates of success after college because so many women are just pursuing family life after college.

      Lastly, I just want to say, a huge chunk of taxes go to support single mothers and broke families. We’re a society that don’t want to talk down on single mothers and poor families. The fastest way to poverty is to have children when you’re not financially secure or not in a committed relationship with a devoted father. We’re a society that blames racism, capitalism, inequality, or whatever…..but rarely will we tell women to stop spreading their legs and stop getting pregnant. Khmer Americans, after 30-40 years in America…still blaming the war. Maybe you’re an idiot because you had a kid at 17 and still getting free lunch? Maybe your kids get pregnant at 19 because you’re too laser focus on paying off your car loans and not thinking about sending your kids to college?

      huh? Huh?

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