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    What makes a gal sa’at or guy sahow, kLers?

    when hanging out wit homeys wherever, they be checking out each and every gal with the usual,  focus & comment on dos & kdet which gets so repetitive and is so cliché

    used to surprise me when a random shopper will walk up and ask if ur single cuz their daughter or whoever is lookin to get married – to a complete stranger! – but now culturally the norm esp around barang guys, seems

    surely we’re more mature up in here at kL though, right?

    for me whats most attractive is when they’re a hard worker, eat right, don’t cuss, smoke, or drink too much, have a spiritual dimension, and save $ instead of waste, and don’t have any wetlock kids or constantly checking their phone.

    what about yous?






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    To me, I look at how they are aging. I don’t care how beautiful a girl is…if she looks her age or aging fast, then there’s really no point. I have no interest in girl with makeup because it’s fakeup! Girl with makeup is like Khmer guy driving lexus…fake most of the time. If you can’t walk the day with no make up, then I can’t walk with you hun! Cuz I might as well roll with my Khmer friend in his beamer pretending we got money.

    Next up is brains..and proof is their education, job, and income. All I have to do is a quick google and if no mention of education…then I have no interest. Some girls are good in college, but they go downhill after college and become gold diggers or losers…watch out for that. You can tell what girl is better. They’re the ones who take advantage of internships and other programs outside of school to further their education and career.

    In short, many guys try to stay away from bad girls….but they fail to stay away from dumb girls. Dumb girls are not bad….but they drag you down. Stay away from dumb girls! If a girl not good at school or can’t find a good job, stay away from her. They can’t manage their money. Smart girls make you rich, dumb girls make you poor.

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    I’m attracted to girls with strong family values.  If family is distant in her life, I automatically feel disconnected from her.  I’m attracted to women that are good natured and well nurtured.

    I also like women who knows how to laugh and tell jokes without getting carried away.  Her laughter often makes her many times sexier than all of her physical beauty combined.

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      The thing about girls who aren’t close to family is that they don’t have somebody to shame them…so they whore around. When girls don’t have that connection to daddy…they look for daddies.

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