Research suggests that couples more likely to split up when husband earns less

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    Research suggests that couples are more likely to split up and less likely to marry when the husband earns less.

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    I think it’s true that many men are intimidated and feel worthless when women make more. However, I also think that women become less attracted to men who are on a lower level or make less. Most women that makes 50k a year are attracted to men that make 70k, and will lose interest in their partners who make 35k. Those same women that increase their income to 100k will lose interest in guys who make 70k, and more attracted to the 130k guys.

    Women attraction to men who are more successful and desire for more is humanly inherent. People who ignore this basic human instinct will likely fail or struggle.

    Men are the opposite. When a man becomes rich, his wife becomes rich. When a woman becomes rich, she leaves her husband.

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    well that explains like why every other word in rap music nowadays is MONEY / PAPER.

    wtf is PAPER?? =/

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      It’s all about the money to most women. There’s a reason why young women are willing to get pregnant any guy. They know that having children gets her the biggest sugar daddy of them all…the US government. There are girls out there who got the crappiest jobs, but 2-3 kids…and apartment paid for by taypayers.

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