Rap Prophecy

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    I spit bars with ease-easy
    Fresh bars rap prophecy
    Like glue gun apoplexy
    Don’t yall try to fuck with me

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    I spit creamer with coffee

    Waffles, eggs over easy

    Out the door easy breezy

    Come at me you biatch sissy lol jk

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    I’m the star like tiger woods score so low

    Running my biz doin’ my music goin’ solo

    Got bars fresh ready for the new flo

    Ya’ll can’t keep up with where am about to go

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    I see star so bright from your glo

    But wtf man who da ho

    She will strip you bare of your dough

    Throw you out and make you po lol

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    im enjoying this

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    You a noob or a knob I don’t know

    But my bitches be angels they ain’t no ho

    I run my game my way that how it go

    Don’t be a bitch before you K.O.

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      I see star so bright from your glo

      But wtf man who da ho

      She will strip you bare of your dough

      Throw you out and make you po lol


      You a noob or a knob I don’t know

      But my bitches be angels they ain’t no ho

      I run my game my way that how it go

      Don’t be a bitch before you K.O.


      As the crowd yells defense defense defense


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    I sense a little angst in your flo

    Defending angels or devils who knows

    May you have riches for sho

    Instead of getting ripped off like a mofo lol

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      There be no angst in my game only swagger

      You be feelin’ my swords aint got no daggers

      I slay the rap game like a clan of badgers

      I know my worth as the owner/manager

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    U gotta start the game fresh from zero

    spit bars like superman be the superhero

    Rip offs mean nothing to me fosho

    It all takes time then the paper flo

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    I’m all rapped out say no mo

    Kinda silly thinking I could flo

    But dangit I thought for sho

    I was Eminem not Quavo

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      This shit is tight u got some good flo

      I’m ready for battle with your ducks in a row

      Pistol shot and down they go

      Come at me when you ready fo mo

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    Spit hot lava, cicrle of fire, disco inforno

    opposite to freeze opposition over sub-zero

    coldest flow get icy..we talking bout numb wrist or neck freeze..

    chill B we hittin the spliff for uplift

    ok G..I’m str8 Gangsta..with the O’s n I’m talkin weights!

    Im fat with the burgers but no shake!

    We shake n bacon, ok easy over sunny-side!

    west side, east side, north side, south side!!

    I’m all side 360’s called me a compass!

    I’m known to own lyrics that combust!

    Mathematic that don’t even add up..I’m star dust!

    life is like a star maze so all I do is gaze the constellations and stay high with the puff!

    if I’m Homer just pass me the duffs where I come from all we do is trifle n scuff!  While the hands of justice is cuffed!

    They rival with rifle, only God can judge us so I slap them with the bible!  School education is vital..I grew up stupid, street smart I was never entitle..I just earn my title!!

    All I do is hustle thru to get enough n it’s never enough..but nuff said…close mouth don’t get feed, all I do is collect federal debts n try to get a head..fucc what y’all have to say..nothing new under the sun it’s all been said n done before..but before me n after me there’s only the spirits thats lies ahead!!

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      Bro sounds like u from a different galaxy

      Eggs I like sunny side up, over easy

      U hustlin’ easy with the monthly checks

      I be waiting on my trip to Quebec


      I spit bars to make sense in hopes I make dollahz

      Once roamed the street n was an active ballah

      Now I be fighting for my rights to spit in peace

      Fighting wars till my enemies cease


      One day I’ll be the king of hip hop

      Right now I be the fresh prince non-stop

      I’m like Nas with a hardcore twist

      Got one mic all I want one kiss


      Symmetry asymmetric triangular reflection

      My vocabulary power never in question

      Drop bars like Einstein if he did the mic

      Equations running e=Mc(squared) EQ spike


      My rhymes have a focus but I don’t drive a Ford

      Been decorated once with student awards

      Didn’t care for the Junos but maybe another year

      Waiting for all the artillery fires to clear


      When the dust settles I’ll be right back on top

      My enemies be shakin’ non-stop till they drop

      Chemical warfare as in napalm recordings

      That Fire God be my homie doin his thing


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    My flow is endless like seeing the wheels of karma, spinning in sin..

    I’ve been in all that predicament..what does it takes to get the win?

    Take two V’s all I see is the victories…but it come with a price n vanity!

    My dice spin but still stuck in my four corners..fucc a metaphor this poetry echo thru out all spaces and corners..

    I’ve never wanna get caught up in the bull shit..rather deal with hog spit than to face the judge ya honor!..

    I’m a warrior until the end…no pain no gain no guts no glory..death before dishonor!!

    See me like a Shen shin gumi..Aku..Soku..Zan!

    I’m the motherfuccin man..even ya girlfriend girlfriend know I blow up like a bomb!!

    We talking terrorist hands down..or palm up blow up like a napalm.

    Don’t be alarm just shut up clam up n be calm!

    When it’s on it’s on..power outage…just a snow storm..

    My skill honed but I was never good in math..if it takes 2 to be a square..then I must be Cube..without the Ice cooking fiya in the lair!!

    I know life is not fair..I don’t take one I just make one and multiple..living in this daily life of mine..it takes one to make ones living out here!!

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      No disrespect to you bruh u be spittin’ ur heart out

      Poetry, line after line, the slam, that’s what it be all about

      Your bars are golden fresh from the bread oven

      I mainly eat rice though and so do my friends

      Don’t care too much for the hipsters they be in their own zone

      Been puffin’ on tha chronic since 16 there be a hole in tha ozone

      I rhyme for no reason just to pass the time

      There be a greater purpose so I keep up with my rhymes

      My prophecy is epic im gonna be on top of the game

      Everyone caught sleeping at the sound of gunfire gonna end up lame

      One stroke, two stroke, fire at will be how it goes

      Wrecking ball, implosion, the bulldozer doze

      I respect the homies who drop bars in their free moments

      Got heart for the streets that be where my time spent

      I hate those who be stuck up in their positions

      If I had it my way they all get the dead end

      Mathematics i don’t care too much i was an a student

      Drank and smoke my life away it was time well spent

      I got a new purpose in life to make it big

      If ya’ll feeling me on this, puff that cig

      My label is epic its designer to the max

      Been designing for some time so chill n relax

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    Thanks for the propz when I drop it’s solidify, I magnify the rhymes like rhythm synthesize…open up the 3rd eyes n visualize life in it’s most simplify..realize the grand scheme is to divide and n conquer minds..I stay true to oneself so I’m selfless..pour my heart on my sleeve cuz I’m carefree..in this world it’s only make believe..so what is ur belief..I leave it all behind like it doesn’t matter..really tho at the end of the road does it matter?  All I do is take another step on the ladder..I’m full of myself at times..but it just a matter of time..when I do make it matter!!  Y’all talk off staying on top the game..I’ve been on top of my xbox..I had to Switch for the Smash!  N really tho I’m such a hustler all I do is get the cash..but ya know life is more than the doe when u see ya kids growning up fast!!  I do what I can to outlast my last gas..I surpass my past just to move forward toward my everlast!!  I wish upon the stars n ponder if the whole world pause n see the truth..would this pace be a better place for the youth??  I feel for the troops that lace their boots in a vicious loop..then again I’m only one person..all I need is one luv under heaven..stay true to one sight..ask Nas when it come to the flows I only need one mic!!!…

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    Wow there’s alot of hardcore bars being thrown around in here recklessly. They should have been on wax or something. Must be years of practice, like decades to achieve those type of skills. They say practice makes perfect and I can tell by all these writtens I stumbled upon. I wouldn’t wanna battle write any of you guys… it would be a body bag.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yo Bro I’m wreckless..gaspin’ n breathless</p>
    spit cold n wreck this one neck two necklace

    body bag get package dangling over the shoulder like a necklace

    cap off the top it’s head less..

    bust a cap off the top where the neck rest..

    remove the head off the top n leave it neck less!!..ummm

    Ok I pest this..smart phone n press press..

    Meadia outlet PR adress this..camera snap no mediation just press press..

    Iron out my collar it’s impressive

    when the iron is out I just press this!!

    Man..eat it up n just digest it..

    I got throw away bars that can feed ya whole digestive system..luvin’ the suggestion..

    but really tho it’s such a systematic world..

    I’m still stuck in the Matrix system..

    Got glitch that tick still moving lines in algorithms..

    Man when it comes to the muzik I got speakers that’ll blow ya whole interior systems..

    N fam knows my flow is deck out..I put out the way the wattage peak loud..

    Smoke loud..mind found in the cloud…

    laying in the ocean..u thought I was Laos!

    Khmer pride unto the day I die too proud..

    Khmerlife the way u smile n see this azn in style!!

    Man..u right this ain’t nothing new to me all I do is try’a spew the scriptures of light..

    passive assertive views with the writes..

    Infuse with the mind that lit fuse in the likes/lights!!

    Transpire mind with great views that thinks alike!

    If I have to break it down..the sun rise in the east n set in the west so good night!!!

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    I wanna get down tooooooo!

    I rhyme all the time, is that a crime?

    I’m sick in my prime, punchlines so nice it’ll make ya face look liked u just sucked on a lime

    Forgive me for I am just a noob, I’m like a young virgin dealing with teenagers that has grown pubes.

    See I’m new to this so please accept my apologies, you guys are like bandits and I’m the victim of this robbery

    It’s odd to see, a novice trying be on a level with the big dogs. Saying I’m as nice as y’all is just a big fraud.

    I’m here to listen and learn from these rap gods, so please teach me a thing or two. Maybe just maybe 1 day I can grab a spot with one of your wack ooops I meant rap crews. 😁



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    I can see the format of KL Rap Battles similar to this.

    But before I go, I’m here to stay

    It’s me no doubt coming in like Cali but without a drought

    Make it rain, that’s not how I do, the ice on my chain makes you feel like living in igloos

    We all wanna be ballas living our hoop dreams

    The best ya’ll can come up with are dry dank memes

    In a world of Instagram and start up record labels

    Shut the race off and put your horse back in the stable


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    Hoop game loop game here’s the scoop maynee!!

    Loot game that shoot thru ya hoop game..

    fast lane..in range to hover land range..

    Change lane all over ya range rover mayne!!

    this muzik talk when it hit u feel no pain..

    hate to lose but ya life no gain..

    Panhandlers loose change..

    slow cook sam cook slow change..

    Beast mayne!!  Can’t be tame..

    no pain no gain can’t maintain..

    sain brain shook cranium

    253 tac town mind state of frame..

    handle 44, .45 44 block pointin’ a 45..

    body shot body shock..talkin’ bout bend elbow bottoms up body shot…

    while u get pop with a body rot 45!!

    str8 bullet but no cop..str8 bullet u cop..

    I chop bullet cuz I breathe smoke..

    hot stove whippin pen game..

    so much tree it burn like cali breeze

    I’m top shape sharp layers penmanship with the pen..

    so much smoke someone smoke me oxygen

    translation whippin sweet flow..

    aka whippin the crack candy cain until it spread to doe..roll in a can..it’s muffins doe..

    doe in a can the way benji rolls..

    man son slow ur role..I got wordplay with the gun range u can play ya row..

    cold with the spray while it pops like drum roll!!

    I’m all over the places..but still ears with drum hear!!

    long ears still fly like Dumbo ears!!

    owwwweyyy…slick ride..yellow trims crome rims..shining thru like a bumble bee..

    get O’s milk cheerio’s does lookin’ like a bumble bee’s..

    get with the steez..no amateur show..

    get with D’s and squeeze until she knows..

    catch up to speed..Paul walker ya flow!!

    sorry tho rip when I stomp up ya show!!!

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    Lazy Broke Azn

    Rap prophecy? More like a rap mockery

    If I said my name was LaLa,  smokeybandit would start stalking me

    I’m about to rip all you lames, so if you in your feelings better start blocking me

    Ya’ll cats ain’t spitting nothing, y’all know y’all swallow

    Dudes got no heart, they chest is hollow

    Dynasty, Noob, Empire, and AznInStyle, they can get it too

    I’m cooking you wack emcees, then eating you pussies like salaw machew

    I would keep going, but I’m lazy, broke, and Asian

    Why bother with you Femcees, I’m abouts to spark one up and start blazin




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      You need a hug?

    • #3109


      Are you talking about the Yewn one which is a “Cambodian delicacy?”

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      yo nikka who u be talking about stalkin

      im layin the bars while the ladies go walkin’

      they be bent outta shape since i been in the game

      drop some bars for the rap hall of fame

      im zenlee that smokey bandit like a band of thieves

      all u amateurs leave this game to the pro please

      when u broke an asian u be a joke and a half

      i had to drop that bar for a good laugh

      all day imma be about hustlin’ for my money

      don’t care if u lazy u just too damn funny

      get a job get off the couch

      doing something with ur life so u not a grouch

      im bustin’ out rhymes flowing like niagara falls

      weekends i do shopping spree at the malls

      every day im taking the cake and i eat it too

      if u broken and asian u be a damn foo!!!

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    Lazy Broke Azn, welcome to Khmerlife

    Go find a job so you can get you a wife

    I know it’s hard to hear coming from a noob

    But hear me out and I’ll give you the scoop

    You should be bowing down to those names you threw down

    Instead you came in acting like a clown

    But we chill, we cool, we’re gonna make it work

    But first sit down, take notes and don’t be a jerk

    We all are one, Khmerlife nation

    Even if you’re just a Lazy Broke Azn




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    This rap mockery is a rap fuckery..

    Couldn’t measure up to my shadow if u stand next to me..shallow me?

    Hollow tip turn ya to a hollow quick soulless entity..

    U talking pussy shit..act ur role bytch n swallow D’z!!

    Pussy??  I put hands on ya kitty like how Trump be!!

    Pussy?? U are what u eat ur a sour puss to me!!

    Ok when we spit I’m from a different league

    When u bark ur’re cut from a fabricate sheet..

    I’m cut from that cloth seeing rag to riches..

    U cut from that bytch shit like seeing drag in riches!!

    When I pump this fake..I made sure u fade away!

    I can slump this chump in a dump u get schedule for trash day!!

    Mayday..mayday this onslaught u wanna play this a price to pay!!

    Double up ya worth?  I think not..

    Ya name sake say all that is to say!

    U a diss every time u display!

    Top shelves flow..only cuz ya top ramen!

    Noodles talk?  U get soak up in a pool of blood when I pop!!

    Bars??  Is ain’t counter top..this where u get serve more than shots!!!..


    Ay…bars!! LoL

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    Man you guys are all on an elite level. Yall riding mountain bikes while I still got training wheels on. Wordplay is like 2nd to none. The metaphors are just unheard of oh and the structures are like a blueprint of a pyramid ugh .. just ridiculous. I bow down to you rap gods….

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    I spit I dont swallow, I kick shit into gear like an auto

    Matic, rub a balloon on ya hair if you want static,

    Mash it, I floor the pedal, flash the metal and make em fall like rose petals

    I’m just trying to catch up like I missed the bus, or be like Dame in the clutch. You’re aiming for what? It doesnt has to heartfelt to get u touched….

    Kitkat bars…. 🤣



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    Hold on






































































































    Stop the microphone check

    Which way did the MC go, which way did he went

    Which way did he go?

    The Elmer Fudd of this rap battle

    The leader of beef and his spotted cattle

    Who holds the titles of where did he go now?

    Oh his internet connection went bad, something went foul

    A blast from the past if you can remember

    Before the skinny jeans hugged his nuts so tender

    It’s fine just sag along as your belt plays no purpose

    Just keep it pulled high enough to cover that hairy orifice

    To your label that you started on SoundCloud with 9 likes all from the bots that passed for human crowd

    Who showed up for your show? A crowed full of lames

    A pool full of duck with no bread and no fame

    We all start from the bottom before we get on top

    In this pond you’re as dead weight as a Newtonian rock

    Not even your pumice can float to this surface

    Your role in life still serves no purpose

    Except to get down on your knees and pray

    Just to make a $10 bucks on Uber and to make it to your next trash day

    The only thing we had in common was the day we were born

    We all had full potential but your mom said it was an accident, it was a good porn

    Shoot she had with the few of her guys

    I’m kidding, I’m not, I lied

    To close out let me tell you this story

    Of a Lazy Broke dude to come to a gun show without his mercenaries



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    Lazy Broke, you pay your internet bill yet?
    What is taking you so long, why did you have to jet?
    It was only a few days ago when we all met
    You wanted the attention and that’s all we get?
    It was all high hopes but we made a small bet
    That you’re a bigger man than this not just a small pleb
    Moving on this rap beat flow is wonderful and splendid
    It’s just what I thought, it’s just what the doctor intended
    Trimming off the fat and making the bacon fat less rendered
    Scare your ass to the moon and back and your face came looking like you’ve been Caitlyn Jenner’ed
    Had to ask you to put your knife away like you saw that lanky slim slender
    I forgot to ask last time what’s the name of your last gender?
    Apache helicopter still landed on the ground
    Don’t even have gas to the airport to fly to your home town
    Of Nicaragua, whatever city or state
    Where rituals of face mud and eating rotten goat steaks
    All I smell is hot breath coming from your mouth
    What are you trying to make me do? Make me pass out?
    Your flows go in one ear and out the other
    I would be ashamed even if you were a friend of a friend of even my own brother
    Come at us again and we’ll have to stitch you up like an undercover
    When the nurses heard announcement of your arrival from your own mother
    The attempt was made to push you back in until they discovered
    You are the next cutest thing to El Chupacabra

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    Yo if any of u guys need beats, check out http://trumental.com. He helped me with my first album.

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    Lazy Broke Azn

    My bad for the delay, I just gave your mom the tip

    I’m back now, but in a hurry because your girl called next, She never had nothing like this

    I gave her the whole shaft because it was so slick

    But don’t trip, after a few strokes she was already  in love with the d*ck


    No worries I promise I did it delicately

    She called my sachkrak a Khmer delicacy

    She swore she never had no one better than me

    And we did it all for your benefit B


    I see the Empire struck back with some more weak ass rhymes

    You’re wacker than the cat who was reminiscent of an early Nas

    If y’all go hard, then call me HOV in his prime

    Or DMX before getting caught in a crime

    Words so sharp it’ll leave you’re 3rd eye blind


    I should charge you for every time I type your name, how about a stack?

    Don’t try to strike again Empire, because KL is tired of the Wack

    My rhymes addictive like crack

    Empire, you a lame, damnit, looks like now you owe me an Andre 3 stacks


    I’m done with you on to the next lame as you die nasty

    Yeah you already know how shit flows you next dynasty

    I’ll be real I didn’t even read your reply

    After measuring your skills, you should do a collabo with that Noob guy


    Both y’all trash why even come with a rebuttal?

    I can destroy y’all fools in my 2 minute drill, call it the no huddle

    So when you see the shotgun formation y’all better step back

    I’m taking your lid of your top like Randy Moss on DBs or Usain Bolt on the track

    It’s a domination my flow is O-P

    Y’all kids on the mic so call me your O-G


    SmileAznStyle don’t think I forgot

    Now that the toothpaste is outta the tube there’s no way I can stop

    I’m longer than the Nile, like a river I keep flowin

    You’re pink and soft like the Energizer Bunny, but I’m the one that keeps going

    Don’t charge me up unless you ready for this slaughter

    I’m the type that Dad’s try to keep away from they daughter


    But little do they know I’m more into MILFs and cougars

    Empire’s Mom I already f*cked, now you owe me 4 stacks, don’t make me get the Ruger

    And stick you up for everything you own

    It wasn’t the Ruger that got you, my rhymes felt like a pistol whip to your dome

    That’s that blunt force trauma, I didn’t force your mama, I had her consent

    Don’t ever step to your Daddy again son, I will make you irrelevant

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    Lazy Broke Azn

    Man why does it feel like y’all ganging up on me? That’s some typical Asian sh*t

    4 of y’all riding me so hard trying to get pregnant, y’all need to get off my D*ck


    I guess that gives me 4 bodies 2 dump and 4 KL users that’s gone missin

    After y’all reincarnate from dying nasty, learn from your mistakes, think twice of who you dissin

    Y’all didn’t hear me last time, but this time y’all better listen

    I’ll have all sorts of adjectives flying by your heads like bullets whistlin


    Y’all can run but y’all can’t hide so y’all better duck for cover

    After I’m done with y’all, I’m going to your hood so I can f*ck your mothers

    Do it doggie style it’ll be rough f*ck going gentle

    Maaan I got bars, bet they sound better over an instrumental



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    Lazy Broke Azn

    Oh yeah, I hope no one is taking this like forreal forreal and feel some type of way. I was just messing around, y’all to beastly for me. But why y’all gotta gang up on the new guy? I thought it was a Cypher.

    • #3157


      #Holup #Ultimatetroll @lazy broke azn

    • #3162


      Lazy we welcome you in, this is just one of the trending posts and thank your boy smokeybandit

  • #3159


    Come at us again, we don’t mean no harm

    Having green cards means we’re disarmed

    If law abiding citizens is how we all do

    We need to stop the violence I thought you knew

    Never did we come at you with force

    Unless it came verbally, but still there’s no remorse

    The blood drawn is only from the blood bank

    Unless it’s O negative, man that shit is dank

    To be a universal donor in all of these worlds

    I hope you came up positive on your job referrals

    If not holla at me if you have time I have a few jobs that don’t require 9’s

    Hard working people is what we are, still amateurs at making these bars

    Like smokeybandit said he got the beats

    Lets turn the stove down we need less heat

    In the kitchen and catch more draft

    Turn the fan or just put it on blast

    I know your fried chicken can cook up a storm but less talk about beef and keeping bread warm

    I’m not a pastry chef by all means

    I’m more of a seafood guy I eat all that I see

    In all honesty I’m less of a jerk, when I lay my head down at night I wanna blast the fool that made viral the twerk

    Not that I have a big problem with fans

    We will treat you right, welcome to our fam


    Roast Fam


    PS It’s no harm,

    It’s all wordplay

    We all get along at the end of the day

    I entered into this forum and laughed

    These buffoons really do make me laugh

    Keyboard warriors are what we are

    I hope your keyboard is RGB, if not you’re poor

    Just kidding if you know me right, my keyboard was a little over $10

    Negotiating sounds about right

    In the end what is it worth to you?

    I knew a boy from second grade who sniffed glue

    Who got bit by a dog, a long time ago it wasn’t a crime

    They put the dog down, I gave him a piece of mind

    A hot dog in your mouth is what he came for

    He had no intentions for having your enter the hospital door

    I’ll stop and let you reply for I’ll be one of the best friends you know I’ll be your guy


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    Good job guys

  • #3183


    Lazy Bloke for real, it takes forever for you to answer back

    You’re like Dave Chappelle before he started smoking crack

    His show got cancelled during his third season

    Just like you he had no rhyme and no reason

    I’ll give you some time while you take it slow

    I’ll be in the HOV lane and pass you up seeing your ratchet face through the passenger window

    If you don’t know what that is, it speaks a lot

    I know Siri can spit better than you and she’s a bot

    When you mentioned DMX I felt offended

    I thought you were Ja Rule before his record deal lended

    Him advice to remove the Murder, you are too soft to progress any further

    I wouldn’t even call you Big Boi of this rap game

    You’re more like Weezy on stage when the codeine hit the brain

    With the seizures when his axioms and dendrites went overload

    Everything all at once but no rhymes with his flows

    How long do I have to wait for you to come back

    I don’t think you want any of this, you might need to Hit The Road Jack

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    I’ve been hungry from a youngin

    feedin on the message to fill the hunger

    thirst for the power is it mando?

    I’m all mando like cammando

    so I repect the hustle

    we inspired from the less to make more

    I’m in pain to see what my peepz endure

    so I smoke the indo until I get more

    they want this rap game

    it’s all the same lane different cars

    I came up far counting all my stars

    Wondering when the dust will fall

    spring foward I look toward the new year

    celebration for my ppplz we made it here..

    I’m spitting off the jin

    get juicy on the tonix

    flex so hard I get brolic

    I’m on it hard rock it’s onix!!

    I’m honor yeaaa..tell ya I’m on it yeaa..

    been that kid learn to double up yeaah..

    south east..klap ya hand..LBC we still crip’in mayne!!

    I’m claimin’ set I ain’t even a gangsta just filliated..

    they hate to have nothin to rep

    so I rep it for my city..Tac town..we still down..holdin it down for the City of Destiny..I hold my own ground..this how we blow I ain’t even making a sound..

    they still puff loud on that cloud..

    I don’t cloud chase I just make paper trail..

    I’m in it to win it..bet big but don’t gamble..

    what I mean is play the game where u can walk away..

    I’m not a quiter I just live to die another day..

    battle out the jungle so survival of the fittest is my forte..

    OG high gravity sippin on my forty..

    str8 OE y’all don’t know me but y’all feel me..y’all know me we connect thru history..y’all don’t know me but we Brothas from that same street..different sign..I live that life of mine..similar to how u see ya life!!

    I’m on another hustle all I see is another light..

    I strive thru that 9 to 5 gettin mine..

    couldn’t catch up to my miles if ya try!!

    still fly styling so fresh..khmer pride everytime when I ride!!

    bytchazzness do to get by..I handle my bidnezz when it’s time do or die!!!

  • #3362


    Smile Azn, do you mind if I take a shot at this exquisitive flow
    I’ll need to tone it down and make it less explective for the pros
    That hold the house down and keep the seats clean
    That know when to boot the people off when they become too mean
    Like the one guy that didn’t give a rat
    2 bats out of hell, another military brat
    I’m just saying I was fond of him
    He had his moments when he didn’t raise his chin
    There’s some things in life we have to hold back
    To bite your tongue, respect your elders and don’t talk back
    I wonder if he’ll come back maybe as a troll
    He could be here right now just reading the page scroll
    I’m here to learn from you a solo artist without a band
    We’re in the kitchen without contraband
    Affording life on another man’s land
    I don’t even have instrumentals, don’t even carry heat
    Long have I lived to see 95, am I asking too soon too slowly to see peace?
    Pulled life insurance policies but kept them at bay until it was my time to preach
    For the day I cancel them is the day I’ll pray
    The catastrophe of this modern speech
    Of money and debt, too much at one time will put me under 6 feet

  • #3735


    I count all my blessing n eat my rice
    They count all their rice n wish for blessin’
    This so much hate n wrong going on..
    Look around me before it’s gone..am I livin’ right?
    This all I talk about..the way of life..
    so much path thru this road of life..
    Ok..lets say it..who ace it in the game of life??!
    Go back in time to feel what I fought for..
    Struggle thru times what I sought after..
    Bottle up with bottles is what I toast for..
    Toss it up for the pplz that lost more..
    there’s a better place thru Allah door..
    Seep in the sorrow I’m at lost for..
    Deep in my feelin’ I’m numb to the cause..
    I don’t ask God why anymore..but Lord how come?
    Still playin’ the same songs until kingdom come..
    Am I ready for it when that day come?..
    Mad n confuse since day one..
    Birth to this nature in the early mornin’
    a product of the circumference
    Nurture in mother nature..
    never once I forgot where I came from..
    thanks Ma’ n Pop for popin’ me out..Son!
    Still cruising on past the horizon..
    along side the rising sun..
    Visualize my future while puffin’ on one..
    Hustle thru the night for the income..
    The outcome summarize my dividend..plus sum!
    Text style all thumbs..it’s awesome
    They can hate me cuz I break breadz
    They couldn’t break ones if they want..
    Originally stands alone I can’t get outdone..1 luv, mic drop..one sun two sons..my little xy love my raps when I wrap up the session!!..Deuces!!!

  • #3759


    Y’all be writing essays

    Way too long indeed

    I just glanced over them

    And said TLDR; (too long didn’t read) =)

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    • #3921


      Couldn’t view the video.  Facebook made a dropdown and asked if I accepted cookies.  I denied and the video didn’t play.  Not your fault Smokey but I don’t trust Facebook nor their Reptilian CEO.

    • #3922


      I just got tired of typing lol

  • #4129


    1, 2 kid I’m coming for u

    3,4 my foot’s out the door

    5,6 dont put up ya flix

    7,8 I’ll give u a reason to hate

    9, 10 soo it’ll all end

    Milky way Bars!

    • #4378


      Mayne..last couple weeks I’ve been hurt..
      In my feelin..so absurd..
      Sincerely this sorrow get deserted..
      Heard the game is in a hearse
      Rip to Nip now we can see..
      Never know the man but he understand me..
      Do it for the turf to raise the community..
      What money can’t buy..is the legacy..
      See I’m grown to be that somebody..
      Nobody been feeding me beside the family..
      My hood is where my heart at..
      Familia is where my heart be..
      I raised the tree to see the seed succeed to growing leafs
      N when they leave the ness..
      Rest a sure..I’ll always be that eagle..soaring with my people
      Cuz we flock of a feather be..
      No lightweight my game tight..
      The flow heavy I spit nice..
      They be like..yo put it on wax..
      I’m like damn mayne u right..
      I’m just doing me when the times right..
      Try’a live life undo my wrong but that’s life..
      I’m doing good I’m so hood..stay warm in my hoodie stay bless in my hood..
      Smoke good and I’m taunting
      Stay flauntin’ so fresh..the fame..is not my lane but I stay comb out with the brush..
      No rush to set my tone..my tunes all focus..no Cus D’Amato but I’ll go ham like Tyson tho..
      Pound for pound Im standing in my corner..
      Round for round I go to toe to toe like Pac yo..no stereotype typical kind of hype..I’m box in so I box out..
      I stay lit to pray all night..
      They spray hate cuz they can’t fight..so much darkness where’s the light?
      I keep coasting in my writes
      They too lazy cuz they can’t type..
      I got the keys to opportunity..
      Don’t be a door noop, unlock it first use the verse and see the foresight..
      I’m nearsighted so I can’t see far..
      I was born blind all I see is the star..
      I’m so gone in my mind zone out time to lay the rhyme…they keep churning in the milky way..My 3rd eyes keep dwelling thru the milky way..all I drink is elixir of life..
      My flesh is mere mortal but my words are the eternal light!!..

  • #5650


    I keep it real..huh..I keep it real..
    Real?..Uhgg real..keep my Riel..
    I keep the feel like stealin’ in the field..Up the hill..where’s there’s no mine hiding still..
    I’m just mindin’ my own mine just to dig up the mine what’s.. left..behind…extremity..extreme traumatic post syndrome, does it feel like phantom-limp?
    When u itch in the thumb?
    Remember when u running lookin’ forward but never forget where u came from..
    Mama I love u, u feed us with ur kindness..
    I’m starving u feedin’ us ya last pebble..
    r we able to rise from this hell hole? U held me close..like u held ya last two sons..survival of the jungle, u birth a lion..I’m still striving..feelin’ like I survive the field but the steel still claim lives that still smilin’ still..ill to my will..I’m an old soul from the field..if they ask me where I came from..I was raise from that hill..golden wheat rotten flesh that fertilize the golden field..Momma I’m hungry still u feed me ya spirit that fuel my eternal shell..
    I understand the pain but the gain are worth the lives..
    we all die inside but we live alil
    bit to feel alive..I’m lost in my own cause..couldn’t pause to see the odds..it divide the lives that fought to stay a live..what’s god gifts has to endure before heaven door..my eyes close..I’m blind to the fact..let me act like like a shadow n fade into the light..if it’s bright in that plateau..let me take flight..if imma gonna go let the angel guild my next blight..insight..hindsight lose sight of what the days like..I’m all caged up but at least the bars tight!..Smile still swayzee..style swaymatic..I’m static to illmatic keepin it real stayin’ trill until the day I float to the attic!!..damn..Smile…Why u always gotta be so dramatic??..

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