Poll: Entrepreneur or Investor?

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    I can’t decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. The Entrepreneur path seems natural and full of promise. However, one thing I haven’t considered is becoming an investor instead.

    – Use/build/develop your skills to provide marketable products/service
    – Requires work and a lot of heavy lifting
    – Gain valuable experience

    – Provide capital for firms to operate while realizing returns
    – Sit back and let the firms do the work
    – Potential for easy returns

    Which do you find more attractive?

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    It depends on you as a person. Objectively, this is what I think.

    You have to have a great idea and extremely competitive. There are countless established businesses that are going reducing their size, shutting down locations, reducing staff. Not only do you have to compete with the tech companies, you have to compete with established businesses. Is your idea greater? The fact is that MOST businesses fail and MOST of the businesses that stay open will eventually fail.

    Now let’s look at most businesses that do “succeed”. Most of them are living on debt and just trying to stay afloat. They work more hours and harder…just to pay the bills. This is why so many families who have mom and pop stores are glad to see their children go to college to get good jobs. Majority of the time, you’ll make more money working for somebody else and have more time for yourself.

    For myself, I came from a lone line of business owners and entrepreneurs…and I saw the struggle! The media and people like to talk about the facebooks and googles, but for the majority, it’s constantly work and competition for survival. Right now, I make more money working for somebody else, go in late, work from home, take day off, and nobody gives a sh*t! Still going to die rich.

    Now there are 2 types of investors. The “real” investor is the one who investing startups and new businesses. The majority of people won’t have enough money to invest this way. These companies are looking for large donors.

    The other way is for average people to put their money in a tax free account without investing in anything, but to use as storage. When the market crashes, that’s when you put your money in. The problem is that most people spend all their money and spend even more during the good times. When the bad time roll, they are struggling to make money, and end up sucking d*ck on the street for $5. You’re supposed to save during the good times, and buy during the bad times.

    For myself, I don’t buy when everybody buy. I don’t buy clothes and wear it the following week. I buy clothes months to even years before I wear them because I buy them when they are on clearance when nobody wants to buy them.

    Conclusion..do you what can do.

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    Those are both service to SELF (99% people nowaday focus on having their OWN kids, their OWN this, that, etc)

    how u spent the last 5yr dictates the next

    didnt u serve in army canadien?

    my dad n bro r both us vets so i guess that counts as..

    service to OTHERS which is paramount!

    for me, philantropy is 1st nature.. so i chose c, philanthropy.

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      no, i never served in the army. i might go the route of owning a franchise. i came across a sweet franchise opportunity. this might work out better because it’s like having business partners hdlping you run the show.

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