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    I’m a firm believer in the concept that everything happens for a reason.  Recently, I tripped down the stairs.  It wasn’t a hard fall, I hurt my right feet just slightly.  I’m trying to find out if this a good omen or bad omen and what does it mean?

    According to one superstition website, falling either up or down the stairs means you’re going to get married within a year.

    I’ve never heard of this before.  Do you know a different meaning and is it a good or bad omen?

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    It means youre trippin!

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    it means you need to watch your steps lols

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    Lol u ladies provide good comic relief.

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    It was just so weird.  This is the first time I remember slippin’ on the stairs.

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    I believe in karma and good or bad things can happen depending on what we did in the past. However, I don’t think every little thing or even big things happen for a reason. By default, as a human, we’re going to have accidents, mistakes, etc. A lot of times, I bump into women I know from the past and they think too much about it. They might think it’s destiny, superstitiously, odd, rare, etc. Statistically, if we live within a few miles from each other…we’re probably going to bump into each other sooner or later. Everybody falls down, everybody will say a word and the radio said the same word you said…etc.

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