NWO admits behind Khmer Genocide (not puppet/polpot); Refugee Men most gullible

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    • us arm lon nol in 1969 to overthrow sihanouk
    • us bombings (1970-75) kill more khmers than kr ever did
    • then 1980-95 us funded polpot with US $100Million! in 82 C!A created a ‘master illusion’ called ‘Democratic Government of Kampuchea’, pressuring UN to keep scapegoat polpot as official leader even amidst the genocide of millions of khmers!
    • decade after his use, internationally community pressured trial, so polpot poisoned via ‘suicide overdose’ before he could reveal/embarrass his puppetmasters.
    • imperial us/nwo biggest mass murderers in history
    • state media now dominates us news propaganda (ie, cnn, fox, msnbc)

    so, what does the future hold?

    Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300

    by Dr. John Coleman.


    • to bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the polpot regime in cambodia
    • the genocidal plans were drawn up in the us by  a club of rome research foundation, overseen by thomas enders, a high-ranking state dept official
    • the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the puppet butchers in cambodia!
    • notice @ 3:33 C!A says ‘successful recruitment of young men via propaganda most effective among REFUGEES’

    sounds familiar? =/




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