Number of Hours to Study vs Watching TV

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    It takes about 20 hours to learn the basics of any skill or discipline. Which means you’ll know more about a subject more than most people, and well on your way of mastering or making a career out of it.

    Korean dramas run between 12 to 24 hours.
    Chinese can go up to a 100 hours.
    American can go up to 6 to 22 hours a season….up to 5 seasons on average.

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    So when I see so many of my Khmer women binging on Dramas, I say that for every show you binged on, you could have gotten a certificate, learned a skill, get a better job, increase your pay, get a degree, etc.

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    am suprised even kh-am dudes be talking about following those lengthy chen/tai/gare lakorn series!  yawn

    WALKING DEAD was addictive, but  never watched another episode after they bludgeoned korea to death. how yellow-peril cliche, hellywood! =/

    short series r best, ie:



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      I nearly doubled my salary after stopping watching dramas. Instead of watching stories about people doing nothing, I studied. Poor people always blaming society, yet poor people watch tv more than anybody. I love watching movies and tv…i’m not against it. All I’m saying is look at the math. If people give up one drama, that’s a skill they can learn! Give up 2 dramas and that’s possibly a certificate. Give up a few more and you increased your salary by 25%. Instead of buying that brand new tv, buy a few educational courses.

      Companies like Amazon, Apple, Toyota, Honda, and Netflix are becoming rich because so many broke people giving away their money and time.

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      when i moved to socal, it bewildered me as to why kmao ppl would seldom be outside.

      they would be in their apt all day talking and laughing at tv(?) loud like they want everybody to hear outside. alot seemed to be on permanent disability despite young, and have a handicap reserved street parking spot for them, to be parked at most of the time except to go grocery or drive-thru.

      the first time in my life ever ordered anything from a drive-thru was just a week or two ago this year, at arby’s. felt so lazy, because its already bad enuf driving there than walking.

      the longest distance i ever walked so far was from manhattan to long island on 9/11. that was like 20 miles in a few hours, never stopping for water nor anything. in contrast, the trail to the hollywood sign from griffith observatory was only a few miles but along the way there were so many spoiled brats of all ages and colors crying, throwing tantrums, and begging the park rangers for water and a ride back to their car.

      anyways, so far i rarely see the above situation with sdek ppl, in general. but lately, am noticing increasingly more kon are being like kmao than sdek! how come??

      statistically, only about 1 in 2 kh-am is either permanently unemployed or living in poverty, or both, though. guess that’s not too bad, though, cause 1 in 3 americans overall is on welfare, too.



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      From what I hear, research shows that black people watch tv more than anybody else…and what a surprise…they’re usually the least educated and poorest.  Some may argue that they only watch more tv because they are unemployed…and I’ve been there too…lol.

      I personally love tv and going to the movies. However, I pick and choose…i divide my time. I look at the opportunity costs. I understand that if I watch one 20 episode show, I’m giving up time to learn a new skill or get a certificate. Of course, I’m not going to give up all shows and get 10 skills in place of 10 shows….but I’ll give up 2 shows to learn 1-2 new skills/certification.

      I tell this to people, but they don’t seem to understand the math.

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    Television can be very educational too….depending on what you watch.

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      That is true and I do it all the time. The problem is that most people don’t consume educational content. Many people right now are just watching show after show after show after show. It’s horrible for the mind because there’s no interaction…no thinking, and you learn almost nothing. And it shows! Streaming and video sales are increasing and people are dumb and poor.

      And the crazy thing is that people don’t listen! Instead of thinking “oh, I can drop one show to focus on studying so that I can get a good job or increase my pay”….they continue to do what they do. This is why in one family, one person can be poor and the other one better off.

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