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    It seem to be common practice among Khmer, especially ghetto Khmer to speak more of their worth than their actual value.  I know people who be saying they make all sort of money yet nobody ever show me their paystubs.

    I know a guy who be bragging to everybody that his sibling was a nurse, but I recently spoke to her and she be sayen she is only a PSW.  She seem to suggest that she’s earning $30/hr but I know that’s another case of the thread title.  Especially know that average PSW earn about $16.50/hr, with more experienced ones earning around $24/hr.  That’s not the only case, people seem to be bragging about all sort of shit, how much they earn, how much they spend, how much they get ripped off.  At the end of the day, it’s all bullshit.

    Why can’t people show their real face instead of living in a facade?  You know you ain’t foolin’ anyone, get real.  It’s better to be humble with what you have and real about it, then spreadin’ lies about your life to get popular or whatever the situation be.

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    One thing I learned is to NEVER talk to Khmer people about money and have limited talk in career. The reason is that no matter how much you make or what you do, the Khmer person is likely to do better than you. Our people are highly competitive against each other and will say whatever to outdo the other guy.

    For example, I told a Khmer buddy that I was learning this technology..and dude was like “Oh, I learned that 10 years ago”…but it didn’t exist 10 years ago.

    This is unfortunate because we’re constantly BSing each other and making sh*t up. When a person learn something, we should learn from that person to get to the next level. Instead, we just say we’re doing better.

    In the end, you got a community that pretend to be rich by driving around in luxury cars, rather than building on true input and results from each other.

    That’s the difference between one people who make cars…and another that drives them.


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    I know this Khmer lady, she only has high school and she works in manufacturing. I would say she’s making $20, but she’s say she’s making 100k and eventually 500k. That’s how ridiculous Khmer people. You might think it’s crazy..but just look at Cambodia…they thought it was a good idea to kill off the educated! The math just does not work!

    I personally believe that if we all live in the same city or neighborhood, then we’re all the same. I actually make a sh*t load of money, but it doesn’t matter because I still live in the YET, every Khmer person in the hood acts like they make more than me. It makes it very frustrating to talk to Khmer people.

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