Love Is Trust But Money Is The Issue

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    What is your college/high school or just general stories where money is an issue but the love was truly there and she/he got away.

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    There was this girl that I was interested in, and she was somewhat interested in me, but to be honest, I think she was more interested in starting a family. I was a young tolerable guy that didn’t have any problems or baggage….perfect guy to have a kid with. I never pursued her because my gut was telling me something was not right. To me, this was a woman that thought too much about money and her own gains….she was too friendly with too many men. People pressured me to go for her, but it wasn’t right. Soon after we parted, I found out that she was a gold digger who had an old rich sugar daddy. She always told me that she was going to end up alone and now I know why. No guy wants to have a serious relationship with a girl who has an old sugar daddy. Good men don’t want to be in relationships with women who can’t resist money.

    Anyways, I’m very pro marriage and think relationships are good…but I don’t think it may work for most people. Half of relationships fail and most people cheat. I’m not against marrying…but i’m not going to get bummed out and put so much value and focus on something where most women will drop their men because of money. Most women have to stay in relationships if they want to maintain their standard of living…when another guy who offers a better deal comes along, most will jump ship. Every woman has their price…and every guy should try to find that woman that is priceless. You have to ask yourself…if some dude came up to your girl and offered to buy her a car…is she going to take it? Even if they just use the guy and do nothing with him…it’s insulting to you, the man!

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    Lately I’ve heard of guys, after making 20K to marry a gal and bring her back to the states, splurging that $ on drugs, etc within months then going back like a gambling junky to try and make another 20K with another gal on the down low, not realizing that somehow messes it up with the paperwork for the 1st wife who is already here, even if he doesn’t plan to bring the side wife (or side wives) back.

    Interestingly enough, I never yet heard of a US gal making $ the same way by marrying a guy or guys to bring over here. How come?


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      I’ve seen this happened before and it becomes a cycle. Guy don’t want to learn the game, so he goes to poor countries to buy a wife. Sometimes they repeat, but most of the time, I think they just can’t afford it or too big of a risk legally. The US is a very lenient country…don’t push them!

      Some Khmer girls in the US do go to Cambodia for husbands…but that’s only because their parents push them to bring over family or friends…so yes…Khmer marry family members! Some do it for money because rich people will marry anybody to come to America.

      Most of the time though, most women won’t because there’s no money in it for them.

      I just want to add that no matter how much money and sacrifice you give to women, most women do not appreciate it. Women look at themselves as either smart or lucky….rarely giving credit to her comfortable life to men.

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