Krazy Rich Khmer-Americans 💲

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    When I google richest Indian-Americans,  dozens of bona-fide billionaires come up, including US-born CEOs of Wayfair, Workday, etc.

    When I google richest Chinese-Americans, dozens of bonafide billionaires also come up but all of them born either in mainland China or neighboring Taiwan, none in US.

    When I google richest Korean-Americans, only one korean couple comes up as billionaires, who moved to US only after they married.

    No these, are not billionaires born to millionaires, so they are all ‘new money’ execs and  entrepreneurs! In fact, the korean couple went from rags to riches in just 3 years  of moving to US! First working as gas station assistant and janitor, to opening thier first tiny retail store ‘Fashion 21’ in LA which they have since 1984 expanded into nearly 800 stores in 50 different countries! o_0

    Anyways, when I google for richest Khmer/Cambodia-Americans, nobody comes up =(

    Any contenders? (besides KhmerLife founders, of course!)

    My best guess would be the following from wiki famous cambodian-americans, although doubt any of them are us-born:

    Ted Ngoy – “Doughnut King,” entrepreneur and politician

    Francois Chau – actor; known for his role as Dr. Pierre Chang in Lost

    Yasmin Lee – LGBT pornographic actress


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    ^ wow he’s only 30 and already a mult-millionaire! la awww

    Randall Pich Net Worth

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    Most of the Khmers alive now came from Communism background and killed off the most likely to be rich people. So we basically have the trailer park people left who embrace government assistance and tear down those that want to be better. A lot of people in the liberal, minority, poor, and communist community don’t like those that do better because those who do better prove that it’s not society but one’s responsibility to do better. They want to hear that racism, inequality, poverty, and capitalism are the reasons why they struggle.

    Now, I commend the person above. Do what you gotta do to make an honest living and get your money. However, the problem is that with a lot of poor people is that they want to make a living doing a few glamorous things, like being an athlete, singer, actor, fashion designer, etc. They want to look a certain way, like this guy who is focused on getting muscular and have a lot of tattoos, but most of the Khmer guys who look like that are losers. It’s the same with black guys that want to look like 50 cent…but they are not successful. Most millionaires and billionaires don’t look like rock/rap stars that so many young people aspire to look like.


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    Perhaps that focus on making money/career by being SAHOW (like how vietcong & khmer rouge were so strong, fierce, ruthless)  via obtaining and flaunting prominent muscles, tatts, luxury vehicles, bling clothes, etc is further enhanced here in northamerica by america’s pop culture appeal & values?

    bewilders me how virtually all kh-am youth and young adults succumb to glorifying crude, ghetto culture like loud explicit rap, gangsters, illicit drugs & guns, promiscuity, cheating, wetlock, banging hoes, platinum credit cards, luxury cars, pimped-out cribs, and last but not least, money–  without any explanation as to how they can afford such a costly, extreme lifestyle (without ending up deported or in prison) that so many today’s pop icons portray while singing their guts out about; can’t help but think perhaps they just like much of youth & us culture today are being intentionally delusioned/distracted by say, the all american war machine / illuminati beast system! =/

    Anyways we have an awesome bro who made it big via investing in his passion for fitness & fashion.

    is he currently the only us born kh-am million/billionaire in the public spotlight? there’s got to be more budding role models for wealth out there! pray tell, folks..


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      I commend this Khmer brother for being successful…but I don’t want to use him as a role model. It’s almost like using a rapper as a role model. If there are 100 Khmers who want to be a rapper or fashion of them will eventually become rich off it…but it’s not the path for most Khmers. In order for a people to be successful, it’s going to go down to getting a good education and getting jobs that are in demand. Business owners and entrepreneurs are important as well in Cambodia, but for every founder of a company around the world, there could be hundreds to 10s of thousands of jobs…..we need to focus on grabbing those jobs.

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      once i asked a kh-am dude dropping me to my car from a late night party since i parked far if the rapper they were blasting in their vehicle was their ‘role model’ and he told me nope his role model is his ‘homeboy’ in prison serving life for killing their wife cuz he caught her cheating on him =/

      are any of hun sen’s kids really kh-am?!

      oh well, at least there is one us born khmer millionaire out there already, so far!

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    Hun Sen, and whatever happened to that Kith Meng.

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