KL Techies: Let's make money

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    I’m hoping to network with other tech professional, namely IT professionals with design and development skills.  I have an awesome idea to make money and if we work together, we could be millionaires in a few years.  Let’s do a roll call, who’s all in tech here and wanna make money?

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    does Canada have a Silicon Valley?

    or at least a Cambodia Town; like how US has both  east coast (lil cambo) and west coast (cambotown) ones.

    my cousins are visiting Montreal this week for realty prospects; we were talking how the Chinese are buying up all the properties though.. so what will be left that is affordable., Ottawa? =/


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      Toronto aka Silicon Valley North

      Toronto is the hub for everything in Canada, 4th Largest city in North America.

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    There has been a boom in China and S.Korea. I wonder if it will happen with Khmer people. What I can say is that the Chinese and S.Koreans are very competitive with the world. They see America as a rich country, and they want to be richer.

    On the other hand, Khmer people just compete with each other.

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    I know 2 other Khmer guys in tech. One guy is a software engineer, yet he’s working at this dump. He had to beg to get that job and he’s been stuck there ever since. I don’t really want to talk to anymore…seems like a loser. He talks like a hot shot, but he can’t really find a job unless his friends help him out. He gets paid less the the market and the company won’t or don’t have to pay more..and he can’t seem to find a better job.

    I know this other Khmer guy from college and he’s doing pretty well as a software developer. He’s really smart and I wish I was smart like him. Unfortunately, he married this promiscuous Khmer girl from a poor family. She’s actually very successful..more successful than him, she already divorced and has promiscuous reputation. He’s the stereotypical good guy…he works hard in school and get a good job…and he picks up the leftover. The girls that wouldn’t have gone for him in his early 20s are the same girls who go after him after they been down the block and see him successful.



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