KHMERS & Hmong the POOREST asian groups in America =(

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    The Growing Poverty Crisis That Everyone Is Ignoring

    While Indians & Chinese are the richest groups in America even surpassing white anglo-americans,  Khmers – along with Hmong – are the poorest asians in America, bar none.


    The Growing Poverty Crisis That Everyone Is Ignoring

    “You bombed my country. You devastated our countryside. You fucked up our politics. You do all this so when we’re over here, you’re still treating us like shit!”

    “Give us the resources so that we can actually rebuild our pride in ourselves and our community.” This frustration spurred Sameth Mell to become the person he is. “I want America to know we might be impoverished but..We’re warriors. We’re spiritually enriched.” Sameth confirmed his community is not getting the comprehensive services and resources they need. As a result, he explained, Cambodian Americans just do what it takes to survive. And surviving as Asian and poor in America takes creativity, resourcefulness, and sticking together. He said many pick up odd jobs for under-the-table cash, picking berries during the summer, selling crabs and fish to local markets, sewing, and collecting recyclables off the streets. Some who are undocumented will use other people’s identities in order to get work.”

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    I don’t agree with his thinking…it’s very communist minded. The communists always try to blame America and religion because they hate America and religion. That’s not to say somebody is a communist, but they get that thinking because they were raised under communist and bought into that kind of thinking. America’s involvement was an opportunity for Khmers to embrace democracy and fight against communism, but Cambodians sided with communism.

    The reason why so many Khmers in Cambodia are poor is that they wiped out the educated and well off, leaving the poor. So basically, it’s the poor that are blaming war…when they were already poor before the war. The poor Khmer migrated to America and struggle because they came from generations and possibly thousands of years of poverty. Also, when your mother can’t stop fcking and have nine children…..that’s guaranteeing poverty. I know Khmer girls who went to college and came out to just fck and have kids…and now they poor on government assistance! There is a direct correlation between having many children and having children at young ages to poverty. Lastly, if you look at the average Khmer American, they’re always buying new or luxury cars. I just saw a bunch of Khmer dudes pimping their ride today…broke people like to invest in sh*t that depreciate in value.

    We live in a society that loves to blame blame blame…but we can’t say anything about having kids you can’t afford or buying new/luxury cars for some reason. Just think about all the old Khmer people who are dying in America who die poor. They leave their family with sh*t…but we all remember them having nice rides.

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    ^can’t help but notice those 2 expenses, too. PLUS THE BRAND-SPANKING NEW ‘SMART’ PHONES FINANCED FOR $1K+!

    even into older years folks be repeating the same cycle as when were young, like stuck in a time loop of having more kids and more new financed german cars repo’d and phones shut off and blacklisted for contract default. i mean seriously hoo tf needs a contract and loan application approval just to buy even a freakin dumb disposable short-lived PHONE?!

    anyways, so why keep pumpin out so many kids can’t afford.. in hopes of making a profit on them from gov assistance?

    and why finance overpriced cars plus interest (worse than renting) knowing it eventually get’s repo’d like last one.. especially GERMAN luxury brands?

    just wondering where all the self-loathing roots from.. cuz KR didn’t move to america, or did it? =/

    as a side note, i’m especially perplexed recently as to a couple kh-am guys & a yuon/krom-am one telling me they’re themselves GERMAN too (?!) when we i comment on their BMW/Mercedes/Audi/VW o_0 i mean, hello… Hitler!? VVV =666 in hebrew, ppl!

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      I know people hate it when I say it…but most of the Khmers who came to America are from the poor class that are either Khmer Rouge or they were accepted by the Khmer Rouge. You know..the smart, educated, and well off ones were killed off. Who you think is left? All this propaganda of America destroyed Cambodia and because of the Khmer Rouge is why I’m poor is just utter BS! That’s like if America became communist, killed off the educated and well off, and the trailer trash people and people who worked at Burger King blaming the war for why they are poor.  If there was no war, most of Khmer Americans would be living worst off. Unfortunately, it’s really a good thing for many Khmer Americans because they get government assistance and drive nice cars. If there was no war, you think the upperclass Khmers would allow that?

      So many Khmer Americans are stuck in the cycle of government assistance because they came from communism and poverty mindset. Communism and poverty mindset believe in government taking care of you, taking from the rich/tax payers, and not capitalism. Capitalism supports hard work, education, competition, and making your own money.

      Nobody wants to say it..but it’s mainly the trailer trash of Cambodia that came to America.. and that’s why we get the results we have today. When you understand that, everything makes sense. In America, one of the most richest and opportunistic country on earth, you don’t go to the trailer park and try to make sense of why these people are so poor and’s the trailer park!



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    I live in Canada so I don’t have primary experience of living in the US, however it sounds to me like the guy is keeping grudges instead of lashing onto opportunities that do exist in the community.

    Are there not resource centers and adult education that the community member may use to further his professional experience? It’s easy to blame everyone around you, but the member needs to look within himself.

    Instead of keeping grudges, he should use whatever resources he has to improve his situation. We have community resources here in Canada so I can’t imagine the US being that worst off.

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