Khmers gotta stick together?

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    Most people tend to associate with those who are in the same social class. People who have the same education, economical background, and ideas associate with each other. It’s like this in all societies. Cambodian Americans are in a situation where we came together to the US because of war, but the majority are from the lower class, while a smaller minority came from the upper class. The 2 groups would normally not associate with each other, but came to the US together and put in the same communities because of war. However, after decades in America, the lower class continue to remain in the lower class and some even got deported back to Cambodia. While upper class Khmers who were thrown into ghettos of America thrived in America, open up businesses, got college degrees, contributed to society, not life on government assistance, and made a lot of money.

    Should the upper class Khmers continue to associate with lower class Khmers, all in the name of Khmer people sticking together. Or should we accept that the 2 classes would have never associated with each other before the war, and continue that in America?

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    I do my own thing. I make my own connections. But my day one niggas are for life.

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      To me, I always felt the pressure to stick with each other…Khmer take care of each other….it’s our people. Then I realize that if we were in Cambodia, I wouldn’t even be associating with most of the Khmers I grew up with. If I was in Cambodia, I would be highly educated, financially well off, and probably traveled a lot around the world and maybe have went to college in another country. Most of my Khmer peers would be poor on the streets, begging for money, doing a lot of manual labor, and many of the girls would be whoring themselves. A lot of Khmer Americans like to blame the war, but the reality is that the war allowed so many poor Khmers to come to America to live on government assistance. Most Khmer Americans who are driving nice cars would never get that luxury in Cambodia.

      Because of the war, educated Khmers came to American with would be prostitutes and low laborers. We grow up together, sit in the same class, and live in the same neighborhood. We raised with the belief of sticking together because we are Khmer, but if we were in Cambodia, we couldn’t be even talking to each other.

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    since i move to cambo town like 7yr ago, ppl mostly treat me like royalty.. ask me if im from australia, iceland, russia, poland – occasionally japan, hawaii etc…
    but once i sampeah and speak a few words kmai the attitude change and they dont wanna talk no more.
    how come?

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