KhmerLife 2019 Roadmap

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    Hello KL,

    This topic is a placeholder for KhmerLife’s roadmap and release notes.  We’re going to be fully transparent with what we’re doing to ensure the KL community is up to date on what’s happening behind the scenes.  When in doubt reach out to us and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.


    KL Admins

    Up Next

    • More in store for KhmerLife merchandise:
      • KhmerLife Kramas (Scarfs)
      • KhmerLife Custom Hand Painted Shot Glasses
      • KhmerLife Snapback Caps
    • KhmerLife Hoodies are on their way
      • Will be available in black in sizes S, M, L and XL
      • Limited quantity
      • Full details to come very soon (price, availability, options)

    Release Notes

    • 02.11.2019
      • KhmerLife server upgrade: We’ve upgraded our servers! You should be experiencing much better load times than before.
    •  02.04.2019
      • KhmerLife Joggers are here and shipping!
    •  01.25.2019
      • KhmerLife Tees are here and shipping!
    •  01.12.2019
      • Added new “Pull To Refresh” feature which allows you to refresh your screen on mobile devices by pulling down the screen and releasing it
    •  01.11.2019
      • Added new “The Gram” feature which displays all photos from Instagram with the tags #khmerlife or #khmerlifeofficial
    •  01.09.2019
    •  01.04.2019
    • 01.01.2019
      • KhmerLife website launched
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    them hoodies look dope.

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    Chanrith, I sent you a PM.  I hope that this is part of the Roadmap.  It’s definitely critical to the operations of the website!  Check the PM!

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    Thanks for the transparency and technical notes. By far more thorough than any other online Khmer communities I’ve previously encountered. Thanks again for all your hardwork and keeping this place alive.

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