Khmer Role Models

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    Talk about situations with your Khmer Role Model.

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    “If you succeed in pursuing your goals, do not forget to return to your home country and contribute to its progress. Our country needs you for further growth and development and your positive contribution whether big or small does make an impact.”


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    Our role model is Mr.Children. He always inspires us to do our best by constantly bringing up how great and wonderful he is and how much we are not to his level. All we have to do is read more books, perform more tongue twisters, watch less American Idol, and don’t eat our pets (oh wait, that probably wasn’t you, but that’s y a great advice worthy of your endorsement). I’m sure I’m missing some great lectures, but I promise to pay more attention, and maybe won’t become a deportee, risking scorn for trying to shack a fine female trying to stay in the States. Gawd, I have so much to learn and keep up.

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