Khmer Philosophy and Teachings?

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    Who or what are some Khmer teachings that you know of? Culturally, I feel that Khmer Americans been limited to Angkor, monkey, and coconut dances, as well as the history of Angkor empire … but I want something more thought provoking.

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      I thought this was a joke, but when I think about it, I understand. I don’t agree, but I understand. I think in Cambodia, it might make sense, but Khmer girls been sleeping around since forever in America and they’re worst than ever.

      I want to start a new trend. I’m sick of just hearing about the coconut dance and how Angkor use to be great and we came from greatness. I want to know how to be great! I don’t want to keep continuing only hearing guidance from non-Khmer people.

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    peaking of Amerika, worse than ever does come to mind in observations of even grown a$$ ADULTS sadly:

    • spend any $0 made on lotto/scratchies, casino, meth, cigs, liquor,  guns, more trampstamps, and rawdawg everybody around, even crackhead ghetto hoes
    • whenever any $ leftover, on $$$ McDs for bkfast, lunch, dinner
    • keep gettin arrested for stupid shit, then call ppl cryin about how much they love em for bail $ each time
    • while in jail/prison, brag about all the kids n baby mommas they got, while beam kdaw & get turned out 4 regular booty ‘trade’ to support daily drug & commissary $ needs

    like 40, 50+ and still JONG TWER GANG pretty much sums it up.

    when reminded of how parents sacrifice so much and Amerika so full of opportunity,  all theyre concerned about is not being deported! not afraid of spending life in/out system – long as they dont get deported

    basically, act KMAO! and worse. seriously what is up with that??

    so yea, pls do start a new trend, kLers!




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      Why do so many Khmer people look up to ghetto black people? Khmer people been in America around 30-40 years and young Khmer kids still acting ghetto and are losers. I realize whey they are just as bad…because it’s all the ghetto Khmer kids in the 90s are raising these kids.

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      ‘Ghetto kids of the 90s raising kids’ (without ever growing up) indeed sums it up!

      They complain when they find out their daughters in elementary school are already pregnant with undisclosed father(s), but don’t blame themselves for causing it.

      Baby daddas often explain that growing up their dad provided adult ed by taking them to a whorehouse at like 12, and were bullied into join gangs and sell drugs by the slightly older ‘kids’  – becoming ambiguous daddies -and dealers – themselves by like 13 with whoever was around whether classmates, pedo teachers, and/or cousins or aunties!

      Nowadays its even worse than back in the 90s with porn culture & hookup apps.

      All ‘kids’ of all generation & ages seem to be into now is fast food, fast sex, fast phones, and fast cars!  Nothing else.


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      It’s kinda worst and better at the same time.

      Khmer kids born to ghetto Khmer American parents. They listen to rap music in the car since they were in kindergarten. They’re more promiscuous, get tattoos younger. They’re proof that being poor and ghetto is a cycle…can’t really blame the war in Cambodia anymore. They’re not worst in every aspect, but because they born to Khmer Americans who were raised in America, and are still dumb makes them worst. You can tell that most of them will be the same or worst generations from now. Khmer teen girls right now will get pregnant and be on the system just like her family before, and repeat.

      They’re not as  ghetto as their parents. They’re not joining gangs and going to prison like their parents. I think in the 90s, there was a lot of gangsta rap music and dumb minorities took it too seriously and gang bang. Now those gang bangers tell their kids not to gang bang and the kids were smart not to repeat. In music culture, there’s not much rapping and bragging about committing crimes that is most popular.

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    Perhaps. Cameras everywhere is only reason ghetto kids & young adults dont gangbang as much as their baby daddas. Think about it. They still listen to rap ‘music’ about money drugs n hoes at max volume and work even less than their parents did at their age.

    Yet manage to finance fancy cars at a younger ages anyway, cause of predatory lending – which takes about a decade to catch up with them when finally can’t afford even minimum payments. So more kids are staying with family even after finishing school and/or having litters of their own, than their parents, even.

    Whats worse is drug use, obesity, promiscuity,  disease (including but not at all limited to STDs), pregnancy, and suicide rates are all even higher than their parents.

    Kids are undeniably more precocious and learn how to put on a poker face earlier so nobody finds out what drugs they’ve already dappled in (whether their friends and/or parents’ own perpetual stash) and how many FWB they have as texts are silent and most everyone locks their phone even from their parents or spouse.

    What is a 12yo khid nowadays doing with a new $1k iphone, unlimited everything, and hundreds of contacts & adult fb Friends? (plus multiple meds, diseases, cancer)?!


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      That’s a good point about phones….most of these kids on free lunch and using iphones and galaxy s. When they graduate high school, so many them are getting luxuary cars. So Chinese girls in college are riding around on bikes and college students in school paying for school, so many Khmer kids of the same age are working at low paying jobs to pay off luxury cars.

      They told me that it will get better!

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