Origin: The FIRST Khmer

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    Where did the first Khmer come from? @Thai’s recent news article topic https://khmerlife.com/2019/03/31/dna-testing-where-do-the-people-of-southeast-asia-come-from/#comment-138

    “Where do Southeast Asian people come from” links to a recent new study that provides an overview of 2 main migrations based on DNA analysis of ancient corpses found in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Japan and Vietnam.

     I can’t help but wonder why in the world did they include ancient Japan’s DNA in their study whose focus is supposed to be on SOUTHEAST Asians! They don’t mention using it to compare to, so apparently they used Japanese DNA to base their studies on, which baffles me. That skews the whole study towards East Asians, and indeed, presto, they conclude southeast asians are a mix of ancient African (40k yo) with modern Chinese (4k yo) ancestors. How bloody convenient, no? =/

    Just as well,  wonder why yet they didn’t include any ancient KHMERS, nor BURMESE. I mean, seriously, maybe some of the Thai samples Angkorian considering Sok Siam didn’t even exist 800 years ago, but that is wishy-washy, and anyways, Cambodia is more ‘central’ the the SEA circle, than some of the other countries. And Burma is nearly twice the size of some of those other countries!

    Anyways, if/when scientists finally get their act together and actually bother to study ancient khmer (ie, khmer lou) DNA, where do you suspect they’d find Khmers mostly to have originated from?

    A – ‘Out of Africa’

    B – China

    C – klung Kambojans, ie (Preah Thong) King Kaudinya

    D – draconid Terrans, ie Queen Soma (Neang Neak)

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    is it possible that we might have reptilian blood in us?


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    Are there any Khmer researchers taking part? From my observations, it seem like Khmer people don’t keep up on their own history. How can you when many Khmer Americans don’t seem to understand why they are in America…

    Though I love history and it’s all interesting…if the information is not there..then I kinda don’t care. Khmer people are too weak to be thinking about the past and need to focus on the future. It’s good though that a group of Khmers know history so they can make money from it and teach everybody in general.

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    Well that explains it; Khmers are half Aryan, half Naga?

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