Khmer life Tips?

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    Are there tips that you learned from Khmer people or your family that’s been passed down from generation? Especially study and work tips. Khmer efficiency tips.


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    You bash on Khmer culture. You have no sense of pride and you downplay and belittle anyone who you feel isn’t at your level and yet you ask for culture advice being passed down? You sure are delusional.

    Khmer life advice for you; embrace your culture. Appreciate what you have and although some may have more and some may have less, do what you can with what you have. On a karmic note, what goes around comes around.

    Don’t create an argument out of this because I won’t respond back.

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      Again, I go back to the original question.

      What was passed down from generation to generation that better your life..and that you will pass on to your children? What can or are Khmer people passing down that we can use to pass down to the next generation to better our lives?

      I agree with you about karma. That’s why I don’t take advantage of the welfare system and government assistance … that’s why families who came to America in the 80s raise children who raise their family on the system. That’s why I took advantage of education and be competitive in the job market so that I can be valuable in the job market and make good money. I try to avoid what others have done that made them unsuccessful, and do what made others successful. That’s karma!

      Poor minded people always cry that people look down them. When people offer them knowledge, they reject it, and see it as insults. The positive minded person who take the knowledge and better themselves.

      Poor minded people focus on nice sayings like “appreciate what you have and do with what you have” sounds nice, but that’s just nice talk from poor minded people. Positive minded people know that we have the ability to accumulate and create resources we don’t have. We should appreciate what we have, but we also have the ability to enjoy more than what we have.

      I ask for these advice becasue I know that if I can get 1 advice from 10 Khmer people, that’s 10 things I learned that I don’t have to figure out myself.

      You can be that Khmer person that teaches..or just cry like a baby. There’s nothing wrong that you don’t know.

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