Khmer American Generations

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    I could be getting the generation title wrong, but that’s not the point.

    Generation 1
    Khmers who came here as adults. The dumb ones who didn’t get killed. Almost all of them still on government assistance. Get low paying job and buy luxury cars. Family stick together.

    Generation 1.5
    Khmers who came to America as babies/children. Most join/involved with gangs. Many will get deported.

    Generation 1 (New Generation 1)
    Came as a result of Khmer Americans bringing them over through marriage. Many of them ambitious and go to college. Largely Chinese Khmers.

    Generation 2 an 3 ( in process)
    The worst Khmer American Generation so far. Born to former gang members, deportees, and single mothers. The generation that will also be screwed by jobs automation. High prostitution rates among women and high incarceration rate among males. Will solidify Khmer Americans as poor and uneducated like Blacks and Latinos.

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    latest generation are like 2 peas in a pod:

    male provide the drugs, while female provide the sex..

    happyily ever after?

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