Judgmental Relationships

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    I grew up in a household where there really wasnt a lot of love, but much hard work. Mom was also being judgmental on dad for smoking and gambling. I wanted to break free from all the fighting when I was younger. My parents almost split when I was about 10 years old, but they stayed together.

    The girl I’ve been talking to is chill. She accepts me for who I am. She doesn’t care that:
    – I’ve been to jail
    – I gamble
    – I do coke
    – I smoke cigs
    – I smoke weed
    – I have money issues
    – my song Xcuses was about her

    She accepts me for me. She’s definitely a keeper and I want her in my life for good. We have a dinner date planned for this Saturday. I already made reservations. Let’s hope she keeps it.

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    TBH (To be honest) not judgemental, your life needs to be in order. A woman has an appeal for men who is or potentially financially stable. You gamble, do coke, smoke et cetera, and anything else you’ve mentioned, your appeal to her is in the short term. It’s fun and games until your problem becomes hers then she will dip out. Find a woman who likes the same life as you and you’ll soon find your life in perils as your likes is on a personal level. If you want the long term, feed your addictions and get rid of them, then find the right one as for now, your lifestyle pleases yourself.

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    Financially stable, yes. When I say money issues its mainly paying down debt. She doesnt care about that. I do tell her im trying everyday to get my life in order.
    And thats what matters. Thats not to say things wont improve.

    A lot of people make checklists to find their perfect match only to find them hurt in the long run. if youre not happy with each other from the moment you meet, then youre wasting your time. But you shouldnt stop being better every day.

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    I’m not your therapist but I’m directly saying it’s you. Fix yourself, upgrade you and your better half will come. It’s not about what other people should do but women are running away in flocks. Keep one after you’ve shown the quality you, not the mess you are now.

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    What makes you think I’m a mess. You’re probably ccomparing me at the other end of the spectrum. I don’t care to meet anyone at that end. I’m happy where I’m at and happy I found someone who doesn’t give a fucc.

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    like 50% northamericans are addicts so its like a coin toss, really.

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    It’s usually women that belittle their own men. So many women wonder why they can’t find good men or why men aren’t faithful. Men want to be accepted and want to know that women will be there when they lose everything. Unfortunately, most women will rise with you, but leave when you fall.

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