Introvert or extrovert?

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    Sach Mon

    I’m very comfortable in my own shell. I love “me time”. But I also enjoy being amongst the crowd, not necessarily to socialize but to take in the experience. The problem with socializing is other people may be too sociable and get too personal with me and it takes up most of my time for the evening or occasion. Drink and chill with some light conversations is all I’m good for. How bout you?

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    When I’m working, I like to socialize and get to know a lot of people. When I bump into people, I like to talk to them for half an hour. I’m okay with lunches during the work week. However, to invest more time by seeing most people on the weekends or to spend the night with them…does not interest me. I find most people boring and uninspiring. Most people live paycheck to paycheck and are constantly pretending to be rich while borrowing money from the bank. I’m so sick of the blaming society nonsense and biases people have against others. Even with people who are successful, they have this “Associate with those who are better or can make you better” attitude…which is so shallow.

    I see groups of people who hang and look like they’re close and have a good time, but when you get closer to them and in their circle, it’s rarely as good as it looks. It’s always one guy is sleeping with guyfriend’s girl, this girl likes that guy, one guy is jealous of another, etc. I can’t be in a group of 5-10 people..and they’re all cool with me. It’s always some beef. Best and close friends…rarely stay friends.

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    I am neither. I am very shy

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    Introvert. Instead of being shy, I would describe myself as a more reticent, observant, and calculated person.

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    Hardcore hermit to the core.

    Socialize mostly online; when do venture out to a bday or wedding party or even just grocery, mall, errands etc its fun to get some attention and have a good time but rarely keep in touch.

    Indeed on the surface extroverts seem to wield endless energy and have a million friends/benefits but when do keep in touch, find out theres lots of baggage/indulgence – hence the quantity vs quality.



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    I love the “me time” but have lots of friends that are into sports. So I’m “Intervert” lol.

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    It’s not whether I’m introvert or extrovert. I can freely express myself without issue; however, the issue here is that I like to keep a small circle. I don’t open up to others easily, and if I do it may take a long time before I do. Usually, the best way to get within my circle is if you already know a member of my circle.

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      Then you lean introvert..:p.

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    Introvert. I like to sleep.

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