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    I recently rented out a PO Box to use for my business. When I signed up I asked the Postal Clerk if I would be notified of new mail. Her answer unfortunately was no, so now I’m planning weekly trips to the post office.

    How convenient would that be though if PO Box owners got notified of when mail arrives. This way they don’t have to go check when there’s nothing.

    The same thing apply to community mailboxes. Some people have to walk further than others to get to the community mailboxes. A notification system would save needless trips.

    What’s your great idea?

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    for to work for all us zips, not just some.

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    I think you have to see look at the positive side. If forces you to get out and move…therefore the health benefits outweigh the time wasted going there. We’re becoming a unhealthy society because we’re always looking for ways to be lazy.

    Putting that aside, an oldie but goody. Create clear goals and how to achieve them. Make daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Imagine where you want to be. After X amount of time, you’ll evaluate yourself and ask if you’re were you want to be. If not, change course! I just see to many people who keeps moving forward in one line…hoping that where they end up will be okay. In the end, same place, same situation, and often times, worst.


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