I have given up!

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    I have given up on helping most people in a knowledgeable way. I realized that the reason why they don’t better themselves is because they don’t want to make the effort. Most people just want to blame society or they just want you to give them cash or a free ride. Everybody wants something..but most people don’t want to put in the work and sacrifices to get it.

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    Have you thought about getting help for yourself?

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      Help for what? I have an education, I got a good career, I make good money, and I have no problems. However, around half of Americans are going to retire in poverty and most people are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s this way because people don’t want to be helped.

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    I’m shook, we have lost a prophet…😂🤣

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      People don’t want help when it’s there in front of them, and then they cry for help, especially when they really need it. Half of Americans will retire into poverty, and most live pay check to paycheck. Economic crisis around the corner.

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    Oh wise one, Howeth will thy strive without knoweth the important of thine’s knowledge? 😂🤣

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      You can make a joke out of it…but Khmer people are among the least educated and poorest people in the world. Half of Americans are going to retire into poverty. Most of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

      Cambodia is on the edge of economic crisis…and the very likely recession for much of the world soon. The time to do something now..but if people want to hit the wall….go ahead..learn the hard way. I still make money.

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    “Help people in a knowledgeable way.”

    By this do you mean preaching to them? That never works.

    I am helping in another way – through entertainment.

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      Entertainment rarely works.

      The thing is that everybody is always complaining about how hard it is to get by. Everybody is always complaining about how they don’t have money. Yet when you teach them how to better themselves and make more money…most of the time, they won’t listen. Most people just want to blame the world. People don’t want to change the mindset of “why I can’t do something?” to “how can I do something”.

      However, I admit…it’s not their problem..it’s my problem. That’s why I say I’m giving up! I’m really irrelevant here. If somebody truly wants to better themselves, they will..without help from anybody or they will ask for help that doesn’t involve handouts or you carrying them.

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    And the buildings wilt falleth, the lands wilt Flote, the Cambodian community wilt shackle to the ground because we didn’t hark to thou mr.tounguedfoolbornkeech precious and valuable information 😂🤣

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      Khmer community are already at the bottom, and it will get worst due to changes in the economy. Like I said, you can make jokes about it, but I make my money. I want my people to prosper because seriously..I’m sick of being the only Khmer guy everywhere. If people don’t want to prosper..that’s okay…but I remember when the hard times come and just like always…I say..I told you.

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    cuz they already given up their souls at a tender age,

    only ‘help’ they’ll take is material & lustful.

    can’t blame u.


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    What have you really given up really? You have given up talking to the wind? Because I doubt anyone here really listened to much of what have to say with that condescending tone. I mean that in the nicest, most sincere way possible. So please, don’t waste your breath with lectures. You risk becoming just static, just noise, hissing in the background.

    We’re all adults here, and for most of us, we’ve had our share of lectures from our great, wonderful parents. We grew to dread it the older we got, realizing we’ve arrived at a point in our growth that lectures were no longer needed.  So to have someone constantly lecturing and singling out a segment of our society, our brothers and sisters, that struggle to make the best of life given their circumstances, is similarly not warranted, especially with the tone that you were using.

    I get it. They have “issues” that prevent them from excelling and reaching the peak of human existence, as demonstrated by the greatest Khmer success story and preacher on earth, Mr.Children. However, breathing negatively into their struggles and hoping to somehow pull out some magical results over time won’t achieve anything. The best you can do is shine a light and bathe positively into the subject, and maybe, just maybe, a ray of hope would emanate and traverse the internet, time and space to those ears and eyes already wearied in circumstances, to finally see and believe, that yes, there are examples of successful Khmers that aren’t condescending, aren’t judgmental, aren’t divisive, and that truly understand the human struggles, and they have made it. They have succeeded in life, even coming from the same beginnings. That’s inspirational.

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      I’m giving up trying to help people in a knowledgeable way. I do what I wished people done for me because it takes a lot of effort to learn things on your own.

      You are right, most people won’t listen to me…most people don’t want to listen and be helped. They only want to blame society and get free handouts and free rides. Everybody wants money, but most people won’t do what it takes to make money..which requires a lot of listening and learning.

      Most adults are living paycheck to paycheck and half are going to retire into poverty. You say it’s not warranted…..but all of a sudden, people like me matter when sh*t hits the wall. People don’t want help when things are going okay but in the wrong direction…..but when they hit the wall, they cry that nobody is helping them.

      Like always, people like me get blame. It’s like I’m yelling “you’re going the wrong way moron”..and you get upset at me for yelling and calling them morons…and they hit something because they went the wrong way. In the end, I’m the bad guy! People who don’t want to prosper or truly help always try to change the story to make somebody the bad guy. That’s the typical poor mentality…always look for somebody to blame.

      At the end of the day, I admit it…it’s my fault…it’s my problem. You can’t change people who don’t want to change. If people truly wanted to be better, they would do so without me…I’m irrelevant. For the example with Khmer people, if we all truly wanted to be the most prosperous group in America, we could easily do that tomorrow. I’ve done it myself, but it’s too bad that many of my people don’t want that. Many of my buddies are struggling, but they just don’t want to do what it takes to prosper. They don’t want to hear “study this, this field is in demand, spend 1-3 hours a day studying it”. Khmer parents don’t want to hear that if they learned English, their kids would have been better off. Instead of kids having to translate and teach their parents…the parents could have taught them in English.



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