HOW TO: Add KhmerLife to your iOS Home Screen

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    For iOS device users (iPhone/iPad) these are instructions on how to add KL to your home screen.  We will be working on having a mobile app that you will be able to download from the Apple App Store but this is also a good quick and easy solution to make KL easier to get to from your mobile device.

    To add KL on your home screen, please follow the following steps:

    1. Open Safari Web Browser
    2. Navigate to
    3. Click on the Share button
    4. Click on Add to Home Screen

    Voila! You now have a nice KL icon on your home screen.

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    Wtb android :p

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    No love for Android.

    Just kidding. I’m sure it’s similar but I actually don’t have an Android device laying around to test it out. We’re gonna focus on bringing KL to Google Play and the App Store.

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