How do you feel about the ICE raids this weekend?

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    I don’t support all of this anti-immigrant and deporting illegal immigrants nonsense. At the same time, people lose my sympathy when I see a mother who might get deported who came to American and gave birth to 6 children. These kind of women talk about coming to America to give their children better lives…but they need to stop spreading their legs. People should come to America and contribute to America. Come to America, finish school, pursue higher education, get certifications, and get a good job. Then when you’re financially responsible, then you can have children. I’m not against anybody being here illegally, but since you’re illegal, then just don’t have kids. Either go back and return the legal way or just don’t have kids. Having children while you’re illegal is just as dumb as Khmer guys who will be deported having kids before getting deported.

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    arent the khmer ones limited to FELONS?

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      There is going to be a big raid this weekend against those who are in the US illegally. Could possibly they pick up illegal Khmers who overstay their visa and possibly a bunch of convicts.

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    Polin Hem

    get em all send them packin. i really dont care anymore not like they gave a fuck about me.

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    ^ its just the 1st wave of deportation where the easiest to deport are those:

    • already in city/state/federal custody (under arrest or in jail/prison )
    • out on bail with scheduled court appearances

    • those who were once arrested or served time, but are out on probation/parole

    eventually ppl randomly being stopped on the street and asked to prove citizenship, and ICE agents or their subcontractors going door to door asking for greencard/passports of everyone present.. but that hasn’t started – yet.

    instead what is happening is increased random stops of cars by local police to get inner city people screened. they run ur plate and if ur not a white person based on name, pic, etc they’re more likely to pull u over while they make sure u dont have outstanding warrants of any kind in any state.

    this is why lots of khmers are using motorcycle instead – cuz ur less likely to be stopped for questioning if ur on a bike! – for now.

    america = police state


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      I see that a lot. All these Khmer kids getting free lunch and getting government assistance….and their dads ride around in motorcycles.

      Anyways, it’s really fcked up. Just pulling people over because they’re not white. Can’t be asking people for their papers if they didn’t do anything wrong. I got pulled over by the cops the other week and dude asked me what I was doing in the middle of the night. Who gives a fck! If I wanted to get some air or something at McDonald’s it’s none of their business. But hey, can’t be like black people..sometimes you just gotta obey and be nice to get away.

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    One thing I’ll say is that it’d be hypocritical as fuck if a Khmer immigrant like me, whose family fled a war torn country for a better life, came out strongly against other families fleeing shitty situations in hopes of a better life for themselves.

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      I totally agree. America is a country built on people fleeing their homes for better lives. It was never about it being legal or not. If you came to America, Americans help…that’s how it use to be. Now, they treat you like criminals, which is unfortunate.

      That being said, there has to be a limit. Seriously…do we believe America is going to be a better country when Latinos dominate? If you look at the sh*tty part of America, it’s largely Latino. They come to America, have many many children, rely on government assistance, and stay at the bottom of society. If we just ignore it and just keep allowing them in, then America will end up like Mexico.

      I’m not against illegal immigration…but I’m realistic as well. If an influx of Latinos went to your kids school… that good for your kids? Your school’s reputation and score would go down. If you want the best education for your kid, you have to surround them with the best.

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