Have you ever been promoted?

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    I was just promoted today!  Landed the second Infrastructure Analyst position.  I start my new role on Monday.

    This is so surreal right now.  Have you ever been promoted at work with a pay raise?

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    Congrats man! Hope you tell us what kind of technology you work with.

    I’ve been promoted at one job before and I realize that if you want more pay, you have to switch jobs. When you switch jobs, you can get paid more than somebody at higher positions who got promoted. At my last job, I was a temp with this other dude. He was always hating because he saw me as his competition. Then he got permanent and promoted to senior position..but his pay was less because they gave him benefits. Then I was like “f*ck this” and got another job and get paid more than him doing lower level work. While they treated him like he was lucky to have kept the job, I went to another job and get sign on bonus.

    At another job, they were going to promote me…40% pay increase. Got me another job…100%.

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