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    Happiness is small increments.  Bits by bits, we’ll get there.

    We can smile through it all with very little.

    Our community has settled for less but can still achieve happiness.

    I’ve surrounded myself with people who are successful but they are sad and disappointed. They’ve made their bed in the worst possible way to sleep in.

    They have drama.  They have martial issues. Love and trust isn’t in the picture anymore.

    All the money in the world and they are struggling to stay afloat.

    I refuse to allow myself to get involved with problems and drama.

    I live alone and I go anywhere I please. I have nobody to answer to.

    My day to day responsibility is wondering what I’m going to make for dinner tonight.

    Why do I have to marry?

    My Aunties said I’m selfish.

    My parents said I’m getting up there in age.

    But I don’t care.  Happiness is more important to me but what is happiness?

    I’ve been in several relationships and it has brought nothing but heartaches.

    Yeah, maybe because it wasn’t meant to be or I haven’t found a match but my own well being and happiness is more important.

    I graduated from UCLA with a Business economics degree but I’ve struggled ever since to put it into any use.  What’s the point?

    Expensive school. Pointless output.

    Life is all about chances and perchance.

    We make of it what we will.

    Happiness is…(Fill in the blank)




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    .. where the heart(h) is?

    one thing i notice with khmai homies is most DONT like to go home! when i ask why, they say they avoiding their wife & fam, don’t like being around them, so spend as much time as possible AWAY from home. and how come even hubby and wife lock can’t open each other phone? like they’re hiding things even from each other =/

    for me whether just at work or on vacay, can hardly wait to get home each time and relax to pka nakri!


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    Happiness is what you make it to be, but I agree with small increments and bits by bits. Happiness is more of a journey. It’s like going to the amusement park…it’s not that you went that makes you happy, but when you at the park that makes us happy. However, we also have to be happy when we aren’t doing something…have to be happy at the end of the night. The problem with people is that they are so focused on the journey…always buying this and that, pretending this be this and that. That’s why drugs are so  popular because people are constantly looking to have good moments.

    Anyways, yes, there is a lot of pressure to get married. Why would anybody invest in something that have 50% of failure and most people cheat? You’re because you’re married doesn’t mean it’s all good. The main different between a married person and divorced person is that the married person accepted infidelity. People who don’t get cheated on are very rare…think about it…2 persons in a marriage…it only takes 1!

    Plus, most importantly, most women would never follow their men on the way down! How many women would be faithful when a man loses everything and will be there when he needs her the most? Of course, they might be there for a few months…but how many til death do us part?

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    When I was living on my own and had my own apartment, a half-black, half-Chinese girl approached me on POF.  We ended up going on dates and had lots of sex.  The only thing was, I value my title and wanted to wait till marriage till I stuck it in her.  We still went out, had long conversations every night on the phone and had sex other ways.  After 3 dates, we became an item and discussed about being boyfriend/girlfriend.  Things were good until I got laid off from work.  She knew it would be a struggle and we broke it off.  I ended up landing a higher paying job a month later but my LDR in Cambodia messed me up.  I was staying up talking to the girl without sleeping and had a nervous breakdown at work.  They ended up terminating my employment.  After a few more months, I moved back home.  But yeah, between me and the Black/Chinese girl, we truly cared about each other, but money got in the way.

    Happiness is when all the bills are paid and you got it made.

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      It all boils down to the money with women…and it’s not a bad thing. Would a father want his daughter to be with a broke man?? Would a guy marry a woman that never cook for him?

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    I’m pretty sure I posted in the wrong thread.

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